3 Ways to Get Blonde Hair from Dark Brown

November 13th, 2019 by

3 Ways to Get Blonde Hair from Dark Brown

You don’t need to surf the Internet to find the most harmless ways to dye your hair anymore, cause fortunately for you we have selected the 3 safest and most sparing ways for your hair makeover. So you don’t have to use kidsecured block site to find what we have already prepared for you. Let’s consider 3 ways to get blonde hair from dark brown.

  1. Highlighting

This is the perfect way to lighten your hair – it passes gradually, does not harm the structure of the hair, and therefore can safely be called a gentle method. After completing 2-3 sessions, you can apply any of the shades of the blond.

Highlighting can be done both in a professional salon and at home that is another essential plus. To do this, you will need a hair-dye of desired color, bleach, brush, foil or a special hat with holes, a container for mixing and a wrap. There is a ready-made set for highlighting for your convenience (they are often found in the Loreal line). And now the main secret – during each subsequent procedure, try to capture as many dark hair strands as possible. This will gradually lighten the entire hair, and then tint it in a desired shade. However, you need to remember that highlighting can be done once a month, not often.

  1. Coloring

Lightening dark hair can also be done with special hair dye. Such a transformation should also be carried out in stages, using a lighter shade each time. To turn into a blonde, it is enough to spend about 5 sessions. You can do this procedure with your own hands. For hair coloring, both persistent ammonia hair-dye and sparing mousses are suitable.

  1. Fashionable hair coloring

The owners of the naturally dark hair are incredibly lucky – you can easily make a trendy hair coloring, in which the roots are dark and the hair is light. It is called an ombre or an overgrown blond. This technique has many advantages, but the main thing is that it doesn’t affect the roots and doesn’t require regular visits to the hairdresser. In addition, with its help, you risk being known as the most fashionable and beautiful gal in your neighborhood.

Finally, here are some important tips before and after your hair has become blonde:

  1. Do not rush with the result, cause it’s a huge stress for the health of your hair. The optimal number of procedures for hair coloring in lighter tone is no more than 5 sessions.
  2. Still, no matter how we love DIYs, it’s better if you go to a beauty salon.
  3. When buying hair-dye, which is better to make in specialized stores, do not forget to check the expiration date. Cheap brands should be completely eliminated, cause after using them you will spend a lot more money on restoring the hair structure.
  4. When you get a blonde hair, be sure to buy shampoo, mask and balm for dyed hair. They contain special ingredients that protect the color from burnout and leaching.
  5. Do not forget to regularly dye the growing roots (if the coloring does not provide for the opposite effect).
  6. To maintain the purity and brightness of the shade, tint the strands with a silver or purple tonic once in a while.

We hope you enjoyed our article and chose one of the offered ways to dye your hair.