Put a Ring on It! How to Find Men’s Wedding Bands Your Husband Will Love

September 25th, 2019 by

Put a Ring on It! How to Find Men’s Wedding Bands Your Husband Will Love

Wedding bands are a symbol of eternal love. It takes two to make a marriage, so why does her ring get so much more attention than his? After he agonized over choosing your engagement ring for months, it’s only fair that you put just as much thought into finding a wedding band he loves, right?

These days, there are more options for men’s wedding bands than ever before. From simple and classic to ornate and personalized, there’s sure to be a wedding band that perfectly suits his unique personality. Read on for some tips about what to consider when shopping for his wedding band.

Men’s Wedding Bands: Know Your Options

Wedding rings aren’t a one-size-fits-all situation. Wedding bands for men are available in many different metals, finishes, and styles.

Gold has been popular throughout the years and is a classic option. Yellow gold is common, and rose gold has become more popular in recent years following the rose gold engagement ring trend.

White gold and palladium are also popular choices. Their sleek white color gives jewelry a more modern look.

Tungsten and titanium are also good metal options if your man prefers a modern look. They’re durable and rugged.

Consider His Lifestyle

It’s important to choose a ring that fits into his daily life. For example, if his job requires him to work with his hands, look for a ring in a durable metal like palladium or tungsten. A low-profile ring with minimal detail and rounded edges would be a good choice to avoid damage from wear and tear.

However, if he’s a man who likes to show off his style and make a statement, don’t be afraid to go for a style that’s really unique. Gemstones, unique finishes, and interesting details are all possibilities.


His wedding band should be the most meaningful piece of jewelry he will wear. Personalizing his ring is a great way to add that extra special something.

Engraving his ring lets you add your own special message. You can put it on the outside of the ring or hide it inside so it stays just between the two of you.

Some engraving ideas include meaningful quotes or special inside jokes. This is a good choice if you want to add something meaningful to an otherwise simple wedding band.


His and her wedding bands don’t need to be super matchy-matchy, but they should at least look good together. Look for his ring in a style and metal that is similar to yours.

If yours is white gold, look for his ring in the same color. You can incorporate masculine details to his wedding band for a look that is distinctive but still complementary to your jewelry.

The Perfect Rings for Your Perfect Day

Men’s wedding bands deserve as much consideration as women’s. Whatever style you choose, what matters most is that he loves his ring as much as you love yours.

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