How to dress up stylishly if your body type is plus size

June 29th, 2019 by

How to dress up stylishly if your body type is plus size

Dressing, according to your body type, requires patience and acceptance about your body. It is not going to work if you have a plus size body but try to wear medium clothes. You should embrace your body type and never criticize how thin or fat you are, and we are all beautiful as we are, we should dress to look beautiful regardless of our body shapes. 

Try clothes before buying, make sure they fall naturally on your body instead you forcing them to look beautiful, have patience, and try out different options. But, if you still think that it’s difficult or impossible for you to dress up appropriately and look good, then this article is for you. This article will mainly focus on plus size ladies who have a hard time deciding how to dress up.

The most important thing before trying or buying anything is to identify your body shape; knowing your body shape will help you in knowing what will look best on you. Get yourself a body identity chart and see which shape defines you. The common body shapes of women are an apple, pear, hourglass, diamond, triangle, rectangle, and oval. The shape, height, and weight of your body are essential when it comes to the selection of dresses.  A wide variety of plus sized dresses are available on the website of Summisura.

Let us see how to dress a few of the body shaped women mentioned above:

  1. Dressing up apple shaped women: the most common specification of apple shaped body is that it has a broad chest, slim legs, and bulky tummy. The ideal dressing of apple-shaped women is to have a waist-defining dress because you carry most of your weight in the mid and upper section of your body. Mostly the apple shaped women have broad shoulders so you can buy deep V necks, pencil skirts, flare dresses, stylish fit skirts (to show off your legs), pair of skinny jeans, wrap dresses, boyfriend jeans, strapless dresses, hip-length jackets, printed bottoms, ruching details or A-line cut. You should especially look for tailored and structured pieces. You can also take your dressing ideas from Rebel Wilson. Apple shape is sometimes also called oval or diamond shape.
  2. Dressing up a pear shaped women: the most common specification of the pear-shaped body is that it has wide hips, thick legs, and thick thighs, narrow shoulders, and a small defined waist. If you are pear shaped you should focus on balancing your upper body with the lower body with your dress; you might face issues in finding bottoms to fit your small waist and ample hips so you can get them custom made by your tailor.  You can buy detailed and printed tops, high waisted pants, flat front pants, long jackets, skinny and boot cut jeans, blazers, belts (for showing your waists), flare and fit dresses. You can take your dressing ideas from Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyoncé. The pear shape is also called nearing hourglass shape sometimes.
  3. Dressing up hourglass shaped women:  this is the most coveted shape in all body types; because it is very well proportionate. The most common specifications of the hourglass-shaped body are that it has a defined waist, broad chest, and a full round bottom. As both Apple and hourglass shaped women have larger chest; you should buy things which flatter and fit on your body. This body shape looks good in classic styles and cuts. You can purchase body con dresses, high waist pants, and jeans, structured tops, sheath dress, peplum, or pencil skirts. You can take your dressing ideas from Scarlett Johansson, Christina Hendricks, and Salma Hayek. Hourglass figures are close to pear-shaped figures.
  4. Dressing up rectangle shaped women: the main specifications of a rectangle shape body is that it has an undefined waist, same sized hips, and bust. Women with this shape look boyish and boxy. You should buy clothes which shows a curvy shape of your body. You can purchase bold printed dresses, asymmetrical cuts like a tulip skirt, ruffled tops, heavy knits, tiered styles, wide leg jeans and pants or peplum. You can take your dressing ideas from Queen Latifa and Opera Winfrey.

We hope that this little dress up guide helped you in understanding your body and buying the right dresses. We wrote this article to make shopping less painful for you by listing specifications of body and what suits best the particular body type. It’s not necessary that you are entirely one shapes, meaning that it’s not compulsory that you are entirely pear-shaped or entirely apple-shaped; your body can be a mixture of two shapes, i.e., pear shape and rectangle shape. You have to mix and match the dresses and see what suits your body best. For this, you can visit Summisura because they have a lot of clothing options available for all body types.