How Do I Makeup Properly?

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How Do I Makeup Properly?

Step by step to the perfect makeup: With the practical tips and tricks of the star makeup artist learned from 8 months make up artist course. The result is simply fantastic.

How do I make up properly? Many have asked themselves this question.

We, therefore, have a small tutorial for you: a step-by-step guide to perfect makeup. Very easy, simple, and quick to imitate. Promised!

Step 1: Apply Foundation

The foundation for a flawless complexion is the foundation. Applied correctly, it forms the basis of the perfect makeup.

The color tone plays a crucial role here. You can find the ideal shade for you by applying several different shades next to each other on your face. 

The clay that then melts into your skin is right for you.

Nowadays, there are primers in several shades. Professional makeup artists swear by a special makeup sponge with which the foundation is worked into the skin.

In any case, it is important that the foundation is carefully hidden from the ears, neck, and forehead.

Step 2: the concealer

Make small shadows under the eyes and blemishes disappear with a concealer. Apply it to the inside and outside of the corner of your eye and gently pat it in.

Step 3: the powder

Loose powder is used for the first finish. It is spread over the face with a wide brush and ensures that the makeup lasts a long time.

Important: do not use too much powder; otherwise, your face can quickly appear mask-like.

Make up your eyes properly – Step 4: The eye shadow.

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In the fourth step, the eye shadow is applied to the eyes. If you like your makeup more sophisticated, go for an eyeshadow palette with different colors.

To make up the eyes properly, the makeup artist rule applies: dark tones on the movable part of the eyelid, apply the lightest shade directly under the eyebrows.

Step 5: the eyeliner

For expressive eyes,  apply eyeliner directly to the upper lash line. To do this, draw a curved line outwards from the inner corner of the eye over the upper lash line.

In the end, let the line widen. For an exact eyelid line, it helps to pull the lid up with one finger. This is how the skin is tightened.

“Experienced” women use a liquid eyeliner, which guarantees particularly precise results. Less experienced users opt for an eyeliner stick. Applied to the lower lash line, eyeliner ensures clear contours.

Step 6: make up perfectly with mascara.

Perfect makeup mascara makes the eye makeup really complete. Volume products give more fullness.

But if you have short eyelashes, you will choose a product that visibly lengthens the eyelashes. There is the optimal mascara for every type of eyelash – for everyone: always keep the brush horizontal when applying and start at the inner corner of the eye.

Step 7: the eyebrows

The eyebrows into shape: these use the makeup artists of the international cosmetics company special brow powder.

Before applying the powder to the brows with a special brush and shading them carefully, comb your brows down with a small brush.

So you can quickly see which sparsely hairy eyebrow areas you need to fill up.

This starts at the inner end of the brow. Then work towards the outside with fine strokes of the natural shape of the brow.

Step 8: the contour pencil – our makeup tip

A contour pencil is our makeup tip. It ensures that the lipstick color applied afterward lasts a long time.

It is also ideal for correcting small irregularities and errors in the symmetry of the lips and preventing the color from “bleeding.”

Step 9: the lipstick

Lipstick is a must for neat makeup. Professionals always use a lip brush: this allows the color to be distributed evenly.

After application, remove excess paint with a Kleenex (do not rub).

Step 10: the blush

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Rouge brings a touch of freshness to the face. First, take up a little color with a blush brush and then tap it off a little on the back of your hand to dose the color.

For the perfect placement, smile at yourself in the mirror and then apply the blush to the protruding part of the cheeks. Let the blush flow out towards the hairline.

How do I put on my makeup properly – a conclusion

Our instructions not only show you how to put on your makeup properly. It also answers another important question: What do you need for perfect makeup?

If you follow our step-by-step instructions for perfect makeup and take our tips to heart, then there is nothing standing in the way of a perfect look