How To Clean A Record Player Step By Step Guide

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How To Clean A Record Player Step By Step Guide

The record player creates static electricity in the time of playing music. The static electricity attracts dust which can affect the performance of the player. The dust usually remains unnoticeable in the record player. But you will surely realize them as they cause distorted sound while playing the music. It is highly essential to keep the player neat and clean for a decent music experience. Keeping it clean not only ensures a better music quality but also prolongs the life-cycle of the record player.

Cleaning the record player is not that hard. If you don’t acknowledge how to clean a record player, then keep reading this article. Here we will discuss a straightforward procedure of cleaning your record player.

Things you will need to clean the record player:

You will require the following items for the process of cleaning:

  • Dusting cloth
  • Stylus cleaning brush
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Soft paintbrush

Before you start the cleansing process, make sure that you collected the required stuff mentioned above. They are available in local shops as well as online. Now follow the below steps for cleaning the record player.

Clean the stylus

The stylus is the most vital part of a record player, whether it auto records player or manual records player you must keep it clean for proper performance. You will require the stylus cleaning brush for this step. The stylus cleaning brush is specialized to provide an appropriate exactness to clean the stylus. Never use other sorts of brushes as they can severely damage the stylus. Now follow the below paragraph carefully to clean the stylus:

Start by wiping from the back to front with the stylus cleaning brush. Never use other wiping tactics as they can damage the stylus. For a much deeper clean, you can use the rubbing alcohol. Dump the stylus cleaning brush on the alcohol and then wipe the stylus by the same old technique.

Clean the player’s surface

The surface of the record player attracts more dust than any other parts of it. You can simply clean the dirt away from the player’s surface using an anti-static cloth. However, it is not capable of removing harder agents such as fingerprints.

You can use the rubbing alcohol for a much proper clean. Put some of the rubbing alcohol on the lint-free cloth and start wiping the surface. Make sure that you have begun rubbing from the center and then going to the outer parts in a cyclic motion.

As a final touch, wipe the surface with a dry lint-free cloth to remove any remaining dust or debris.

Tips to keep the record player clean and well-performing

Here are some tips for maintaining the beautiful look and the performance of the player for a long time.

  1. Clean the turntable after every use. Always keep the player covered if it’s come with an integrated dust cover. Also, keep it covered even when you are playing music.
  2. If the player doesn’t come with a cover, then simply keep it covered with a clean cloth to keep the dust away.
  3. If the phono preamp of the record player is not performing well then go for an external one. Click here to Read phono preamp review to find the perfect one according to your budget.
  4. Never wipe the needle with a regular brush. Never use your hand to clean the stylus. Doing so can bend the stylus and make it unusable.
  5. Never use a typical highly powerful vacuum cleaner to clean the record player. The blow from the cleaner may damage the Nano-components of the player.
  6. A damaged vinyl record can also malfunction the player. So clean the vinyl record using the proper technique.

The record player is a significant investment, and you may not want it to see dropping the performance with time. So keep your record player clean to get a proper performance for a long time.

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