How to Choose the Right Sneaker and Shoelaces for Kids?

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How to Choose the Right Sneaker and Shoelaces for Kids?

Kids are the powerhouses of energy. They need to be pampered with the right care and attention for healthy growth. Often, kids are found struggling with the knots when tying their shoelaces. They need alternatives to laces that must be tied. The problem with traditional shoestrings is that they come undone despite tying properly. This is not only frustrating but also a tripping hazard for children. That is why elastic shoelaces have become the top preference for busy parents. They are convenient and fun to use.

How to Choose the Right Sneaker and Shoelaces for Kids

Here is a guide for choosing the best sneakers and laces for your little champ:

A Proper Fit is Necessary:

An ill-sized sneaker can cause a lot of discomfort and pain to the kids. Hence, you must make sure that the sneaker fits your child perfectly. There shouldn’t be more than a thumbnail’s distance between the shoe and the big toe. If the shoe is too large, it can result in tripping and your kid may also develop foot problems over time.

Too tight a heel must also be avoided because it causes discomfort and swelling. It may become worse with time. So, it’s better to take proper measurements of foot before buying sneakers for kids. Check the size in the evenings when the feet are swollen from daily stress.

Draw an outline of your child’s feet on a paper and consult shoe sizing charts given on the e-commerce stores. For a snug fit, you also need to buy kids elastic shoe laces that are absolutely comfortable and functional.

Consider the Sneaker Material:

Children have delicate skin. So, their shoes must be soft, flexible, and comfortable. Apart from this, kids’ feet produce more sweat than adults. It is important to keep their feet dry and throw bacteria and fungus away. Prefer natural materials like canvas or leather for kids. They allow air circulation within the sneakers and offer complete protection to the feet.

For insoles, prefer light breathable fibers like antistatic materials. Companies like Protalus use only the best materials, and their insoles are highly adjustable so it’s easy to find a perfect fit. The material of shoelaces must also be selected properly. If your kid has trouble tying the laces, opt for kids elastic shoe laces made from resilient woven yarn-dyed polyester or Lycra. It allows maximum flexibility and stretching ability needed for snug fitting.

Check the Sneaker Structure:

The healthy development of your child’s feet depends on the proper structure of sneaks he/she wears. Due to their soft tendons and bones, children need flexible footwear that adjusts to their feet. Their sneakers must be strong enough to provide stability and to allow easy movement.

While they may be in-trend, you must avoid heels for kids. Sneakers with sturdy soles are the best choice. Prefer textured sole that gives proper traction when running or walking. Also, it prevents children from slipping off slick surfaces. An overweight child needs sneakers with extra cushioning for better support.

Prefer Customized Laces:

Laces are the most important component of kids’ sneakers. Every day, children struggle to tie the knots with their sneaker lace. It not only wastes their time but lose laces are also a potential fall hazard for the children. You can try alternative lacing system like no-tie sneaker laces to get rid of this problem.

Unlike traditional laces, they don’t get untied and fiddle on either side of sneakers to make your child trip over them. You can buy these easy to use laces in different combinations of colors ranging from light to bright. Make different patterns using these tieless elastic laces. They offer customized for and proper ample support to the feet throughout the day.

These are some essential factors to keep in mind when shopping for sneakers for kids.

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