How to Choose the Right Dog Harness Size for Your Pug?

March 5th, 2019 by

How to Choose the Right Dog Harness Size for Your Pug?

Many dog owners find it easy to use a traditional collar for their pups. They just need to slip it through their cute little necks. Unfortunately, these small canine companions can easily get out of such an accessory. However, this is not the only disadvantage. There is always a risk that their pugs can suffer from serious health issues. This is not the case with dog harnesses. These individuals can put this attachment around the chest and front legs of their puppies with ease. This ensures they don’t suffer from any form of discomfort. Moreover, their owners have more control over their pets when they take them out for exercises.

Top 3 factors owners need to consider when choosing the right harness size of their pugs

Experts say pug owners need to know how to choose the right harness for their pets. Only then can they acquire a suitable product. However, before they can do this, they need to measure their canine companion. While doing so, they need to keep the following three important steps in mind:

Use a good measuring tape

Owners need to understand an important fact. Most reliable retailers operating pet shops sell harnesses according to the overall weight of a dog. Puppies are not an exception to this fundamental rule. They need to use a good measuring tape to determine the exact dimensions of their canine companion. They should proceed to determine its overall weight.  Their pets have the habit of wiggle a lot during the process. If this is the case, these individuals shouldn’t hesitate to ask someone to keep their pug still. It helps to narrow down their choices when it comes buying the right dog harness.

Take the measurements for the puppy’s chest

All dog owners probably know the broadest part of pug’s chest is behind is armpits. When measuring this part of their pet’s body, they should wrap the measuring tape around this area. After this, these individuals should then proceed to extend it to the puppy’s back. While doing so, they should snug the tape gently. For instance, professionals from leading brand Winston Manner Designer Harnesses provide owners with precise measurements for their pet.

Take the measurements and pug’s weight to a reliable pet shop

The owners should note down the measurements and weight of their pugs. They should then take this information to a reliable retailer dealing in dog harnesses. This businessman will then proceed to show them their merchandise. They can then choose the right accessory for their canine companion. They opt for a product which is 2 inches larger than their puppy’s actual measurements. After this, they should determine their weight range. If their pug comes within this dimension, it is the right one for their canine companion. In case, the puppy is between two sizes; they should opt for the larger one.

Buying the right harness of their adorable little pugs is a necessity for their owners. In doing so, they need to ensure this accessory is comfort and security for their canine companions. For this, they need to take the correct measurements and weight of their pets. Keeping in mind the above three important steps can help them in this endeavor. It can ensure they acquire the right one.

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