How to Double Your Pilates Clients Fast

March 26th, 2020 by

How to Double Your Pilates Clients Fast

How to Increase Your Pilates Clients Quickly

Do you want to bring more users into your Pilates studio? Has your Pilates outgrown its original vision? Are you still dreaming of doubling your Pilates customers fast? When the number of customers grows, your business too will grow. Before going out and using a lot of money for advertising purposes of getting much more users into your fitness management program, it is recommended that you follow the top 6 tips described below on how to double the Pilates clients fast. Read on to find the top 6 tactics that work:

Identify Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is undoubtedly one of the best parts of the marketing strategy. Knowing your audience serves as a basis for all elements of your approach. It would be wise to keep in mind that every ‘everyone’ is not your customer. For you to successfully operate within your niche, it is vital to identify, and most essentially understand, your specific market so that you can have control over it. Do you live taking members through a rehab process and seeing the patients getting back to their regular jobs? Do you provide mat and reformer classes, or are you much more precise?

Create Video Content

From Instagram to Snapchat stories, to YouTube videos, it is no coincidence that video has become part and parcel of everyday life. For instance, using a fitness management video can be a practical and useful way to get to the customers. Pilates can significantly benefit from the utilisation of marketing videos.

For example, begin by creating a short marketing video that introduces consumers to your classes and programs. Give the viewers a little insight into what your booking system or scheduling software looks like. Another beneficial thing to consider is to incorporate precise instructional videos. Here, you can include videos from the fitness instructor software where you offer the novices advice and tips.

Give Specialised Classes

Double your client base and stand out against your rivals by providing special classes. In order to get started with special classes, you can consider offering the following:

Pilates for the Children: offer the adults the chance to come to your classes with their children. Make sure that you’re the best in the industry by providing an all-in-one family experience.

Pilates for Sportspersons: for years now, top sportspersons have incorporated Pilates into their training schedules. The athletes need to be well rounded when it comes to training as this allows them to not only avoid injuries but also succeed. Pilates are beneficial to the sportspersons as it enables them to improve their coordination, overall strength, flexibility, core control, as well as balance.

Pilates for the Elderly: regular workout is key to our physical and mental wellbeing at any age, but it may become much more of a necessity for the seniors. If you offer a pleasant environment that is suitable for the seniors, you should be guaranteed to see an increase in your customers.

Recognize the Power of Social Media

Currently, having social media presence as a business is no longer an option, but a necessity. Social media channels will make it easier for you to get in touch with both existing and potential clients, and it will undeniably raise your brand’s awareness. In addition, it may lead to improved sales. If people do not have any info about your studio, they’ll certainly not come over; it’s that simple!

Social media certainly plays a significant role in boosting your visibility among prospective customers. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, it is not possible to market your business to the world within a short period.

Provide Open Days or Taster Sessions

Generally, few things overwhelm the phrase ‘try before you buy’ program. This can be completed in a number of ways. For example, you can offer free access to fitness instructor software for a whole week. By default, users are regularly afraid to try something that is not established in the market. As a result, it would be recommended of you to entice them with a free sampling of the scheduling software if it exists.

Involve the Local Media

Avoid underestimating the power of local paper ads or local magazines. If you invest some cash in the local paper ads, you’ll undoubtedly double your brand recognition. It is common that the local papers usually uphold and develops an excellent relationship with the community members. You can develop an excellent reputation within the community by just associating yourself with a local newspaper. Consider advertising your booking system for these types of papers if you have any.

Final Words

Advertising will undoubtedly play a massive role in making your studio stand out against the rivals. You may possess the best space, the best instructors, as well as the best equipment, but how can you take advantage of them if it’s not known by many? If you need a state-of-the-art Pilates in the market today, gymcatch is a viable option. In fact, gymcatch has one of the best Pilates booking software in the market.