A Simple Guide For Becoming A Freelance Video Editor

March 25th, 2020 by

A Simple Guide For Becoming A Freelance Video Editor

Working as a freelancer comes with plenty of pros and cons. You work at your pace, your own time and convenience. But, there are a series of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ too. Nonetheless, if you are determined to work on your terms and conditions and looking to work as a freelance video editor, this guide is for you. We explore all possible angles and share tips on the best route to success.

Video editors are in high demand these days especially with YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook and other popular social media platforms in modern times. With more than 80% of internet users hooked on video streaming, editing videos with easy video is a lucrative career option now.

You do not have to be a professional software developer or a videographer to be a freelance video editor

You seriously do not require formal education or qualification in software or photography/videography to start your journey as a freelance video editor. Anyone and everyone can today become one – the only thing you would probably need to have is the knack and interest in videos and an intuitive mind to comprehend what your clients want when they hire you as a video editor. There are multiple qualitative video editing tools and one of them is the easy video editing software- InVideo, which today, in the online world, is a big help when starting a professional career in editing. 

Initial investments

You will have to initially invest a bit from your pocket to buy high-tech equipment like advanced and high-performing laptops, headphones, external drives, high res cameras and pay for the registration fees of superior video editing software. Take a loan or put in your own money – it is your choice but to be prudent in terms of choosing the right equipment. Remember, you would typically expect the devices and aids to work for a decent period with minimal occasional upgrades. If you are new to the field of video editing, you would need to take some tutorials online – could be free and inclusive with the editing software but remember to do a bit of homework before starting full-fledged. If you are from the field, chances are that you already have enough knowledge and also have the equipment and software, wholly or the free-format for pursuing your interest as a hobby.

Buck yourself up; keep yourself inspired to shift from a full-time career to a freelance career

As mentioned above, freelancing is not going to be an easy and smooth ride. The first challenge is to handle yourself – keep yourself motivated to take the plunge. Finances could be a big issue – hence you need to ensure that you have the right backup for the next few months. Be practical and pragmatic – start to look out for clients while you are still employed at your workplace. Do all the basic work or the groundwork before-hand so that you can save yourself from last-minute shocks. List out all that you need to make the transition a smooth ride. From finances to prospective clients, to keep your motivational levels high, you would need to plan the entire journey towards your freelancing career.

Getting clients and orders

The decision to leave a full-time job and take up freelancing becomes challenging and tough when it comes to selling your skills to potential clients. Until and unless you have takers, you will not be able to survive for too long. Hence, finding clients – leave alone the right ones – should be your major focus in the initial few months. One way is to speak to your old clients with whom you have already worked in your professional capacity. This is good to go if you are experienced in the field. If you are new to video editing, you might need to become part of online communities and social media groups to get references and word-of-mouth. There are a couple of credible freelancing job portals where you can register and apply.  To make yourself known, you would need to step out and mingle with the local community of professional videographers and video editors or alternately become a member of local artistic communities. Using an easy video editing software like InVideo will help you create inventive videos.

Don’t be limited and don’t be choosy; at least in the initial period

As a freelancer, you are no less than an entrepreneur. So, you need to be futuristic and have the passion always – keep your avenues open to all kinds of work in the field. At least in the first few months, do not outright reject any work just because it is not your area of interest. You cannot keep waiting for the right work to come across. The more you accept orders and keep doing work, the better the chances of coming across orders that are as per your interest and preference. 

Be smart, be innovative and never let the passion die! This is the way to make your freelancing dreams come true.