How Much Do You Know About Diamond Carat Weight?

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How Much Do You Know About Diamond Carat Weight?

As long as you are looking for a cool diamond ring, you can’t evade having some little understanding of the carat weight. Of course, most diamond retailers will not provide you with the Rapaport Diamond Report that contains the pricing and weights of diamonds. However, a friendly and honest wholesaler may give you access to it.

There are basically 9 things you should know about diamond carat weight before proceeding to buy a diamond engagement ring for your fiancée. These things will help you buy a diamond at the right price without being manipulated.  Here are the things:

  1. The meaning of carat weight

Carat weight, which is abbreviated as (CT) is one of the universally accepted standard GIA that is used to determine the value of a diamond. There are basically 4Cs that are used in the determination of a diamond’s value: Color, Carat, Clarity, and Cut. Diamonds are usually weighed in Carats. 1 Carat = 0.20grammes.

  1. What measures carat weight?

Well, this is usually measured using an electronic micro-balance scale. Most of the diamond trades display carat in only 2 decimal places, but for GIA laboratory measurements it can be shown in up to 5 decimal places. Ensure the diamond you buy is well measured to avoid hiked prices.

  1. Diamond size and carat weight are different

You may assume that carat weight is similar to the diamond size, but they are two different things. Different materials usually have different densities but may have similar carat weight and different sizes. The cutting may also affect the size where the girdle has some “hidden” weight. can help you understand.

  1. The relationship between carat weight and price

Finding a large piece of diamond can be one of the rare things in the diamond trade. In fact the prices of such large diamonds are exponentially changed per carat weight. So the carat weight of a large diamond translates to higher per-carat price compared to a smaller diamond.

  1. Carat weight and total carat weight are different

Any diamond engagement ring usually possesses two diamond styles; either halo or side stones. Carat weight is the weight of one single diamond stone while total carat weight (tcw) is the combined weight of all diamonds in that engagement ring. TCW will influence the price of the diamond.

  1. When do you use per-carat price when dealing with diamonds?

In case you want to use per-carat price when buying a diamond engagement ring ensure that the diamond is well graded, they are of the same type, they have a similar cut, color, and clarity.

  1. Carat weights and diamond prices

If you want to save some money on your diamond engagement ring, you need to buy the one that its carat weight slightly lower than the magic sizes of 0.25, 0.50, and 0.75. Some few points below, these sizes will save you a few bucks.

  1. The accuracy of the carat weight

Always use GIA Diamond Grading Report when buying that ring. can easily give you access to that when buying their diamond engagement rings.

  1. Just because a diamond is big doesn’t mean it’s better

If you are buying a bigger diamond for visibility purposes, you have missed it because it is the cut that determines that. Check out for all the 4Cs.


When buying a diamond ring from, check for the cut, carat weight, color, and clarity. By those, you will be sure of a good diamond.

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