How To Treat Hormonal Acne Naturally?

March 20th, 2020 by

How To Treat Hormonal Acne Naturally?

Acne has been a mood killer and stress creator in people since ages. Hormonal acne is created due to hormonal fluctuations and contrary to the popular beliefs it can happen to anyone and any age. There can be a number of different reasons that can cause this beauty nightmare. Although the major contributors in women remain menopause and menstruation. On an average about 25% of women in age between 40 and 49 have these and 50% of women in 20 to 29 suffer from this. So how to treat this natural phenomenon naturally? There are many effective institutions like hormone clinic Sydney have done some great work towards this, but there are some Healthy Remedies too that you can try for this menace.

Using Tea Tree oil:

This is a natural treatment which has been proved very effective in removing acne caused by hormonal imbalance. The tea tree oil reduces the inflammation caused by acne and reduces it. It is most effective on moderate acne and has given substantial results. The tea tree oil is widely used in many skin care products specially skin toners and cleansers. This can also be used effectively for spot treatment. While using, always make sure that you dilute carrier oil and tree tea oil before using. These can be olive, jojoba, coconut oil. You should use 1-2 drops of essential oil with nearly 12 drops of tea tree oil. Always test this mixture on a smaller patch of skin preferably on the side of your forearm to check for any reaction or allergy if no reaction, it is ready for usage.

Using Alpha hydroxy acids:

The AHA’s or Alpha Hydroxy acids are natural acids obtained from plants such as citrus fruit plants. AHA is very effective against dead skin cells which clog the pores and lead to acne. These also are very effective against scar caused by acne. AHA is used to make creams and OTC masks. This although has one shortcoming that it increases your skin’s sensitivity towards sun. So whenever using products made of Alpha Hydroxy acids make sure that you always use sunscreen.

Using Green Tea:

Green tea is very effective against hormonal skin acne. This also decreases inflammation in the body and reduces acne. If you start drinking a couple of cups of green tea daily then you would have reduced your acne considerably. Using lotions that have green tea as their ingredients also would be beneficial. Green tea is also very beneficial for your overall health. When using skin care products which have green tea make sure the percentage of green tea in it is not more than 2%.


Hormonal acne is very frustrating and nerve wracking. It is so common that there is every chance that one in two women is having this problem or has experienced this problem in some phase of their life. These natural remedies can be really helpful for you and can even give you cure from the menace of hormonal acne.For more information you can visit at Healthy Remedies