Home Cleaning Tips For The Busy Working Mom

September 12th, 2019 by

Home Cleaning Tips For The Busy Working Mom

One of the toughest aspects of becoming a working mom is keeping your home clean. Juggling in between family and work requires careful balance. There’s a lot of socializing that you’ll need to sacrifice. Perhaps many working moms consider home upkeep as a major hassle, especially when you have kids and pets. The good news is that home cleaning products such as these 10 best stick vacuums on a HouseholdVision can greatly help simplify your task – but that’s just one thing. 

As a working mom, you need quick home cleaning tips to avoid headaches and save time. Aside from investing on the right cleaning equipment, tools, and products such as those found at https://householdvision.com/, you can use some of these handy tips. 

  • Clean your home regularly

Many moms prefer to schedule cleaning only during the weekend. When Saturday comes, they spend the entire day focusing on house cleaning. As a result, we lose work life balance and lose valuable time with our family. When you clean regularly, clutter won’t accumulate. Not only will it maintain a neat home, it also makes cleaning less of a hassle. Try spending at least half an hour every day to clean your home and you’ll definitely find this task much easier. 

  • Return stuff to their right places

Your home can easily look like a jungle when things are not in their right places. Kids might scatter their toys, furniture, foods, etc. around your home. Set times throughout the day when you will quickly pick up clutter and place them back in their positions. It actually takes only a few minutes to put things back. 

  • Make cleaning enjoyable

When you don’t enjoy a task, it feels tedious and unexciting. Only very few working moms find house cleaning fun. But you have to be creative and think of ways to make it more enjoyable. You can play your favorite tunes and listen to music while cleaning. You can make it a playtime with your kids. Not only will this help speed things up, it should also make you feel willing to do the tasks.

  • Involve your kids

Your children are your number one source of clutter but they can also help you out. Aside from speeding up home cleaning, involving your kids help develop instill good habits and values in them. Start them at a young age so they are aware of cleanliness. Of course, you should assign age-appropriate tasks to your kids. Toddlers can be taught to wipe surface, pick up clutter, dusting, or clean up their playpen. Meanwhile, school-age children can be given more specific tasks like using the vacuum cleaner or wiping the floor.

  • Toss clutter away

Repeated clutter can make your home difficult to clean. To ease things, you should eliminate unnecessary stuff as you clean. When you come across things you won’t be needed anymore, toss it away or place it in a donate bag. It’s easier to maintain a home with less stuff. 

  • Invest in a vacuum cleaner

If you’re thinking of a perfect gift to a working mom, a vacuum cleaner should be it. Cordless vacuum clean make it much faster to remove dust from surfaces, including floors, blinds, vents, ceiling fans, baseboards, and curtains. It is guaranteed effective at removing even very small dirt. 

  • Avoid multi-tasking

There will always be the urge to do two things at a time. While some moms think that they are superhero, the fact is that you simply can’t serve two masters at the same time. Some would try to start laundry while cleaning the rooms and cooking too. If you totally forgot about any of these tasks, you could end up wasting your time. You can be easily distracted when you think about different tasks at a time. As such, you should focus only on one task at a time. 

  • Plan your day well

By now you should know how to plan your day well. As a working mom, you can’t afford to waste any time. And to do this, it is vital that you organize your tasks, prioritizing those that matter most in the first part of the day. Alongside your important to-do’s, you should also set a time for housecleaning.

  • Organize your cleaning tools

Avoid wasting your time looking for the vacuum or wipes or towels. Keeping your home cleaning tools organized and supplies well-stocked can help make this task a breeze. It can be really frustrating when you want to clean your home but are unable to find your cleaning equipment. When things are just around the corner, you are able to clean up instantly. 

  • Resist the urge to be a perfectionist

When you’re a working mom, you need to accept the fact that you can do everything perfectly. Time is very limited and you cannot do everything that you think of. Avoid the urge to keep your home perfectly clean. Living with kids (and pets) come with all these sorts of clutter.