Best Places to Hide Your Money and Jewelry at Home 

October 9th, 2019 by

Best Places to Hide Your Money and Jewelry at Home 

It’s a problem as old as wealth itself: Where do we keep our valuables to protect them from thieves? Over the years, there are have been countless solutions created, ranging from the traditional mattress-stuffing to a variety of complex and expensive safes hidden in walls, floors, behind artwork, and all the places you see used in the movies.

In the real world, though, what can you really do to protect your belongings? How do you protect your possessions and cash without turning your home into a vault? Can it even be done?

The First Step: Storing Valuables Wisely
Security features are vital, but they can’t do it all. You are always better off to have a great hiding place for your valuables. When your valuables are well-hidden, even the most determined burglar will never be able to find them.

For items like jewelry that are used too often for a safe to be practical, consider creating false bottoms in trunks or building storage areas on the backs of dressers and chests. Mix valuables in with low-dollar items. For example, place a ring in its box and bury it in that jar of stray buttons you keep in the laundry room. Stash cash in the pockets of garments you never wear anymore, or deep in the toe of an outdated shoe.

Despite what you hear about safe-cracking and high-tech tools for getting at your goods, the fact is that you can still very effectively hide your valuables at home while keeping them within easy reach.

Forget the Cheap Stuff
It seems the internet is full of new products that will outsmart even the most clever burglars. New products are constantly being released with promises of providing foolproof security for your belongings, but the companies never seem to mention that criminals use the internet too!

Any product that you can buy, a burglar can buy as well. They’ll purchase the cheap items and figure out how to breach them, or simply use the knowledge they’ve gained in prison or from other criminals to perfect their technique. Cheap locks and safes are just too popular, too simple, and too easy to beat.

Think of your home security purchases as an investment in the protection of your valuables, because that’s exactly what they are. A good personal safe for home use will easily pay for itself if you have even just one break-in, so spend your money on equipment that thieves can’t easily defeat.

Use a Combination of Techniques
The key thing to remember about good security for your belongings is that it’s made with a comprehensive strategy, not just with one single item. Propertyguardmaster offers a variety of products that you can put together to get the level of security you want for your cash and belongings.

Most break-ins occur when the occupant is not home, and many of them take place in broad daylight. The technique many burglars use is simply to ring the doorbell and see if anyone is home. If not, they start working on gaining access. Once they’re in, they gather the items that are most valuable and easiest to gather up, and then they make their escape.

Bring It All Together
Here’s how a good security strategy can interrupt this process. Motion-activated lights come on as soon as the perpetrator shows up, and that’s often enough to scare them away. If the attempt comes during the daytime, your video doorbell alerts you that someone is at the house, no matter where you are. You’ll see the person’s face and be able to talk to them.

If they don’t ring the doorbell, your high-quality locks will turn them away. Thieves rarely spend much time trying to get in. If they can’t get a door or window open quickly, they leave. Should they make it past the lock, your motion-activated alarm will get to work.

Of course, even the fastest police response still leaves a little time for a thief to grab your belongings, so you can slow them down by having valuables inside a quality safe.

Once the frustrated thief gives up, you still need evidence. Your video system captures the criminal’s face and probably the getaway car, leading to a good chance of a rapid apprehension.

That’s how you build a home security strategy: You meet the threat head-on at every step, with detection and deterrence.

Nobody likes to think about someone breaking into their home. Most of us prefer to think that it happens to other people in other neighborhoods, but that is not the case. Anyone can fall victim to a burglar, so on top of doing a great job of hiding their valuables, everyone should invest in the basics of home security. Good security will prevent many break-ins and minimize the losses of most others.