5 Healthy Coffee Drinking Habits You Might Not Be Aware Of

December 26th, 2019 by

5 Healthy Coffee Drinking Habits You Might Not Be Aware Of

We all love coffee, don’t we? No, not all of us, but yes, most of us do. A study of 3000 people revealed that about 64 percent of Americans drink coffee everyday. However, even for the remaining 36 percent who don’t value coffee as much, this piece of information might come valuable.

Today, I am going to discuss 5 healthy coffee drinking habits that none of us knew was possible. On that note, let us begin.

1. Go Organic

All of us want organic fruits, vegetables, so why not coffee? Yes, you heard that right! Organic coffee is a thing.

Most of us are not aware of the harmful impacts of non-organic coffee not only to our bodies but to the environment also. Because if you knew, you would visit a supermarket to buy your variety of non-organic coffee. Non-organic coffee means pesticides, as well as manmade, chemically drenched fertilizers, have been used in the making of it, to keep old bugs away. It pollutes the soil and water sources ultimately causing a terrible effect on the environment. 

Now, do you really want to ask the harm it causes to our bodies? There is way too much at stake. Of course, when you pick organic you will need to invest some extra effort to find your best bet, but it is worth going that far.

On that note, do try Nespresso compatible coffee pods as they are very environment-friendly.

2. Don’t count on milk

Well, there are people who are accustomed to a few cups of coffee every day. If you are one of them, I know it’s going to sound harsh but: GIVE UP ON MILK. It is essential to do justice to your heart and waistline.

If you think you are incapable of giving up on milk, do your research and find an alternative to it. There are many varieties available in the markets to keep you in the caffeinated zone. Trust me, once you let go of the self-pity, you will welcome a whole new world of flavors. For winters, you can try a different flavor, and for summers another. Just quit on the milk. COFFEE STAYS!

3. Don’t go easy on the count

Well, do you keep count? If not, start doing it from today onwards. Because, no matter how much you love it, excessive of anything is bad.

But, how much coffee is too much coffee? Umm.. If you are in the bracket of four, you don’t have to feel guilty, because recent studies have proven it to be fine, or in fact healthy. But yes, beyond that you need to keep a check.  

You don’t want to go to an extent where it is actually harmful to your body. You cannot ignore that coffee has caffeine, which causes insomnia, restfulness, stomach upset, nausea, and a lot more.

4. Going Decaf

I just talked ‘more than the prescribed limits’ caffeine can take a toss on your health. For the coffee lovers, even the discussion of decaf is pain (I feel you!!). But when so much is at stake, you need to do the necessary.

Here’s how: find alternatives to caffeine, reduce the amount of ground coffee, keep water consistent, and most of all keep self-control. You can even try a darker roast because they have lesser caffeine than lighter roasts. You can also order organic decafs for the days of the crisis.

5. Go easy on sugar

Not just for diabetic people, but for everyone else, sugar can be tricky. All of us are aware of the harmful effects of excess sugar intake. But my question is, do you really need sugar? No, you don’t. Coffee isn’t meant to be had with any sweetener like sugar. Especially, with quality organic coffee, you won’t feel the need for sweetness at all. 

Initially, it might be difficult to break the habit but try reducing ½ spoon at a time. And, before you know it, you will be relishing the pure aroma and flavor notes of your very own organic coffee. 

For all the coffee-lovers, coffee is such an essential part of your daily routine, it is important you keep your coffee habits healthy. If you have gone through the above-listed points in detail, you will notice that none of it is as difficult as you thought. In fact, once you get into a habit of these, you wouldn’t want to go back to your previous lifestyle.