How Women Can Build a Successful Career in Personal Care and Wellness?

February 26th, 2020 by

How Women Can Build a Successful Career in Personal Care and Wellness?

With “self-care” is one of the most popular buzzword in the last decade, personal care and wellness have potentially become one of the most rewarding careers for women.

It’s a common practice for women to prioritize the needs of others over their own. With so much time spent in fulfilling the expectations of friends and families, it’s easy to forget that you also need some personal care to ensure your physical and mental wellness.

However, due to the increased awareness about wellness, women are now more prone to spend their weekends in a personal care centre such as a beauty salon and spa. As a result, starting a business in the personal care and wellness industry now offers such an abundance of opportunities for beginning women entrepreneurs. Equipment manufacturers like the Lemi Beauty & Spa also help in making the process much easier.

Big Numbers Shown by Personal Care and Wellness Industry

A few years ago, in 2016, “wellness” was a word frequently searched on popular search engines, giving the first glimpse of people’s increased awareness about personal care. The cost of health care also kept on rising, pushing people towards taking massages, pedicure, refreshing facials, spa, etc. instead.

A plethora of new entrepreneurs was rushing to claim their stake, pushing the self-care and wellness industry to reach $4.2 trillion marks globally by mid-2019s. In the U.S alone, it has become a $450 billion market. With influential celebrities also giving their nod, the market can only expand at an even faster pace in the new decade.

So, if you are women looking to start a business, it’s the best time to start your own beauty salon and spa. To begin with, you would just need to have strong self-confidence, a detailed plan, and a few necessary equipments for your personal care services.

Equipment for Beauty Salon and Spa

As seen on Lemi Beauty & Spa, it doesn’t require much to start a beauty salon and spa facilities of your own. The historic Italian manufacturer offers some multi-functional equipment too, helping to keep the initial investments much lower. So, what is it that you would need to start your wellness centre? Let’s find out below:

Treatment Chairs: A well-made therapy chair can be very useful in ensuring the highest comfort for your clients. Opt for a multi-functional one, so that you can use it also as a massage table, facial bed, or a body treatment table.

Spa Tables: A high-quality spa table can go a long way in providing nourishing spa to your clients. For chromotherapy, you would need a water massage table that combines water and quartz. There are also some exclusive water line spa beds, essential for hydrotherapy treatments, pedicures and such.

Minimal Furniture: Desks, stools, trolleys, cupboards are some of the essential furniture required for any wellness centre. While decorating yours though, make sure you opt for modular and minimalist designs to avoid clutter.