Taking Care of Your Hair Extensions, The Right Way

December 5th, 2019 by

Taking Care of Your Hair Extensions, The Right Way

Are you interested in getting hair extensions? Are you concerned that they will take more work and care than you’re willing to invest? The good news is that hair extensions are actually very easy to care for, no matter the type of extensions that you are interested in. They do require just a bit more work than other types of hair accessories, but you’ll soon learn that taking care of them the right way takes almost no time at all.

Following maintenance instructions

The way that you take care of your extensions will have a direct influence on how long they will last for you, and also on how they will look during this period. Whether you purchase your extensions online and attach them yourself, or your stylist handles most of the work for you, each hair extension will come with instructions from the manufacturer. According to Jadore skin wefts details, the information will tell you the right way to maintain your extensions so that you can keep them in the best possible shape.

Your stylist may also give you some useful tips about how to extend the life of your extensions while ensuring that they stay beautiful.

Washing your hair, and your extensions

You must keep both your scalp and your hair clean. While you do not want to over wash the extensions, neglect can be just as troublesome. When sweat and accumulated product build up in your hair, it can lead to tangling.

Use a quality shampoo and conditioner that has been formulated for use with your hair extensions. You should first carefully brush out any tangles, using a detangling brush. Start at the ends of your hair and slowly make your way to the roots.

Extensions don’t get the same natural oils that your hair does, so they can be prone to drying out. This can make them brittle and likely to break. To avoid this, use a quality conditioner after every wash. The conditioner should be applied to the ends of the hair and the extensions to get the best results.

Clip-in extensions should be removed first before washing them.

Styling your hair

When you have extensions, you’ll soon learn that heat is the primary enemy of the extensions. The more that you apply heat when styling, the less time you’ll have with your extensions. This could include blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. It’s suggested that you allow your hair to dry naturally and opt for styles that don’t require the use of heated styling tools.

If you do need to use heat to achieve the perfect style, keep it on the lowest setting. Don’t style hair that isn’t completely dry.

Using a hair styling product

To keep your hair and your extensions silky soft, be sure to use a quality leave-in conditioner. Don’t over-do it, of course. Using too much conditioner, or overusing any other type of hair care product can result in tangles and buildup that will degrade the extensions. Be sure to also take care that you avoid hair care products that have alcohol in them. Alcohol is well known for drying out hair.

Hair oils are another product that you need to use sparingly. While oils like coconut and Argon oils are really good for keeping your hair hydrated and healthy, they can deteriorate the tape and glue on some types of extensions. Oils should be used sparingly and only applied to the extensions from the mid-shaft and down to the ends. 

Coloring extensions

Some hair extensions can be dyed to get them a dark color. However, it’s recommended that you don’t do this yourself. Allow your extensions stylist to take care of applying any chemical treatments to your extensions. This includes perms.

Sleeping with extensions

One of the things you’ll learn about extensions is that you should never sleep with wet hair. Your hair needs to be completely dry when you get into bed. A good habit for you to get into is to pull your hair back into a braided ponytail to avoid tangles. It’s never advisable to sleep with clip-in extensions in place, as they can potentially damage your natural hair.

Once you know how to best take care of your hair extensions, you’ll be all set to get your extensions. You’re sure to love the styling versatility that they can offer.