How to get free Instagram followers and likes

August 11th, 2020 by

How to get free Instagram followers and likes

Increase Instagram followers: how much does it count? When you are starting an online business, imagining that you can successfully sell your products thanks to a solid follower base on Instagram is a tempting thought. But the hard truth is that the top 10,000 followers are the most difficult to get. Because? Nobody knows who you are yet.

You have yet to prove that you are a successful brand and influencer. But this does not mean that it is not possible. By following this guide on how to increase Instagram followers, you could reach the much sought after 10,000 followers in just six months.

How to get free Instagram followers and likes

# 1. Use good app to get free Instagram followers

There are already some great app in the marketing. You can check GetInsta app. It provides a very secure and reliable way to get real and high-quality Instagram followers and likes, which helps improve your Instagram presence.

With GetInsta, you can get free Instagram followers and likes

with just three steps: create an account, earn coins on the app, and get your own followers and likes. This app is 100% safe and clean. And you can get 1000 free Instagram followers trial. Just download GetInsta and try it out!

#2. Repost other users’ content

When creating my store’s Instagram profile, my entire strategy was based on reposting other users’ content. The only way to do this without being reported is to credit the user of the original post in the description.

When I started, I took a screenshot and added the photo to my profile. What really helped the launch of my page was the Repost application, because it allowed me to repost the videos too.

Why should you repost the contents of others instead of yours?
Simple, because it is easier.

In my case, I also knew that my content would never be as good as someone else’s. Hey, at least I’m honest about this!

How did I know what to post? I looked at the numbers.

Hashtags are a great way to get new followers. I was quite active on Instagram, so I leafed through the list of trending hashtags that I created and that I used daily to find the best performing posts that had not been published on other pages (therefore not by my competitors), but by individual people. Then I looked at the videos and photos to see which ones had received the most interactions.

So if you are looking to increase Instagram followers, this strategy is simple enough for a beginner.\

# 3. Share photos of your customers

When you are a beginner, increasing Instagram followers is much easier with customer photos in your feed.

If you don’t have any customers yet, contact the influencers in your niche with fewer than 5000 followers. I know the number may seem low, but the influencers with less Instagram followers are always looking for ways to monetize their profiles and they will be more available to publish posts with your products at a much lower price. You could also offer an affiliation, so that they can earn a commission for each sale made with their referral link.

If instead you have already made some sales, contact your customers and offer a gift or a cash incentive in exchange for quality images with the products they have purchased from your store. Offering incentives may not be a long term strategy, but it is perfect for the short term, in the period in which you are still building your brand, to help you grow.

The more people will see your customers’ photos on Instagram, the more they will be tempted to tag you in their posts when they receive your products. If you comment on their posts, repost the content and follow their profile: most likely they too will follow you, and one customer at a time, you will be able to increase Instagram followers!

# 4. Follow the users who follow your competitors

To understand how to increase followers on Instagram you need to find people who follow brands. Who are your biggest competitors on Instagram? Make a list. Then, look at their posts to see who comments. Follow users and interact with them.

Keep in mind that when you need to identify your competitors on Instagram it is better to focus on smaller brands. Because? Because if you sell make-up brushes and try to convince people who comment on Sephora, there is a good chance that they are not the right audience despite being in a similar niche. Bigger brands tend to have greater customer loyalty.

However, if you have a competitor with 100,000 followers on their profile, they may not be loyal. When you comment on the posts of the profiles you follow, do not immediately try to sell your products and do not leave everyone with the same comment, you may have the opposite effect to the desired one. Answer their questions, look at the other comments, and use them as a guideline for what you write.

The more you interact with other profiles, the more you will see your Instagram followers grow steadily.

# 5 . Take advantage of giveaways

If you have a small number of followers, giveaways could be a great way to increase Instagram followers. But remember to include an option to be followed on Instagram and other social networks, to have a much wider range of action.

If you’re just starting out, giveaways can help you get more Instagram followers. However, if done too often, you may not get the right kind of audience. If your goal is to increase sales, freebies won’t necessarily help you reach it. But if you’re just looking to increase Instagram followers, this strategy can work quite well.

In a summery, GetInsta is the most simple and effective way to get free Instagram followers. You can have a try.