Five best foot files

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Five best foot files

If you love to take care of your feet and want to make it look more beautiful, you will need the best foot file. A right foot file can help you to get rid of some rough spots and calluses while the wrong foot file can damage your foot by taking off a lot of skin in a very uncomfortable way.

Calluses are caused if you walk barefoot or because of something fictional, but one can get rid of this by using a foot file. In this article, we have listed down the best foot files that are the right choice for you. So, buckle up and explore our list of 5 best foot files.

Five best foot files

MAKARTT Coarse Callus Remover

The new launch from MAKARTT Coarse Callus Remover is spunky and spotted. It is a manual piece with a replaceable head. It uses a 304 stainless steel surface, that will not cause any harm to your foot and provide you a smooth pedicure experience with no dead skin issues.

The surface of MAKARTT Coarse Callus Remover has big sharp holes that will help you to get rid of stubborn calluses in both ways. You can get rid of the dead skin without booking an appointment at the salon and spending money on dead skin removal.

The contoured handle for tighter grip prevents the foot file from slipping away off your hand. The head’s surface is 11 inches, which are provided for better usability.

Shappy Curved Foot File

Shappy curved foot file will add 200 % shine to your feet with its unique warped shape that covers a large area of your feet. The shape supports your feet, so you don’t have to scrub for a long duration to get rid of the damaged skin. It comes with two select grain surfaces; you can either use it on your dry feet or wet feet.

DaBee Pedicure Foot File

Without a doubt, this is one of the best foot files by DaBee in the foot file market. The handle has an angular design and is smooth with a firm grip to give you full control over your foot file and prevent it from slipping away from your hands. It features two designs; one surface is buffed away the surface while the other one removes the dead skin gently.

Pro Footcare Rasp Foot File

If you want a fancy foot file that would do the best work on your foot, Pro Footcare Rasp Foot File is what you need. It can help you to get rid of your dry, calloused, and cracked heels quickly.

It is similar to the microplane and comes with a large file surface that provides faster results with minimum efforts. It uses the surgical stainless-steel head that works instantly on your foot when it comes in contact. It is a lightweight foot file, and the package comes with a cloth bag for portability and storage.

Diane European Foot File

This foot file is beautiful in terms of looks, and you can carry this with you in your spa during vacations. It comes in two pieces in which one features red coarse grains to remove calluses while the other one has coarse black textures to smoothen your feet after the removal of calluses.

Final Words

So, these were the five best foot file that will help you to get rid of your calluses. You can choose any of the foot file mentioned above. All of them are the best in their way. The prices may vary, but in the end, it is about choosing the best product for your body.

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