Tips for Landing a Job Right Out of Cosmetology and Beauty School

May 21st, 2020 by

Tips for Landing a Job Right Out of Cosmetology and Beauty School

It’s rewarding to devote your life to helping others look and feel their best. When you’re right out of cosmetology and beauty school, you may be anxious to get started. Luckily, there are a variety of approaches to finding an exciting career path.

Before you begin your search, figure out which area of the beauty industry interests you most. If you excel at one particular area of beauty, make that your career focus, such as working as a nail technician, makeup artist, or hairstylist. Whether your passion is improving natural hair with a hair steamer, enhancing the health of nail cuticles, or utilizing the latest makeup trends, knowing where you shine helps you land the perfect job.

Networking Time


Once you choose your focus, start networking. Networking is an excellent way to break into the beauty industry. Talk with your instructors or school administrators about connections your cosmetology and beauty school have with potential employers. Attend networking events, like career fairs or beauty seminars. Be sure to dress appropriately but fashionable. A variety of short blazer dresses or petite dresses for women are both professional and stylish. Be ready with a business card to share with anyone you meet. You never know when a chance meeting will turn into your dream job.

If you’re having a hard time making connections, identify specific places where you’d like to work and reach out. Share your credentials and passion for your chosen specialty. And of course, submit your application to any job openings you find. If the places you’d like to work don’t have any job openings, inquire about shadowing an employee or the owner for a day, or set up an informational interview. An informational interview is an excellent networking tool that allows you to make a strong connection while learning more about your future job.

Whenever you have the opportunity to talk with an experienced professional or to connect with a potential employer, discuss your industry-specific knowledge, including the latest trends and techniques. If you plan to work at a high-end hair salon, for example, a specialized tool used at many advanced salons is a hair steamer. A hair steamer is an effective piece of equipment for strengthening and improving the health and beauty of a client’s natural hair. When you demonstrate your industry knowledge about the best hair steamer with a salon owner, you have a better chance of landing a job.

Embrace Feedback


Listen to feedback and advice from the people you connect with. You can learn valuable insights about yourself and the industry by chatting with peers, interviewing potential employers, and asking questions during job interviews. Every conversation is an opportunity to discover more about your chosen field, bringing you one step closer to your goal.

Take to heart advice about areas where you have room to grow. You may be out of school, but that doesn’t mean you’re done learning. For example, you may believe you know everything about the Q-Redew handheld hair steamer and how to use it on natural hair but listen carefully if an experienced hairstylist shares tips about how to improve your techniques. Learning something new will only help you in your job search. Demonstrate that you’re willing to accept feedback and open to new innovations in the industry, and impress everyone you meet.

No matter what your specialty within the cosmetology and beauty industry, the key to landing the right job is about making meaningful connections. Take the time to connect with the right people, and you’ll be starting an exciting career before you know it.