How to Become a Makeup Director for a Fashion Show?

From dresses with deftly-layered silhouettes to over-the-top accessories, from laser-cut cloaks and tunics to Birkenstock sandals and boots, the world of fashion is indeed “intriguing and romantic.” No wonder the City of Love (read Paris) tops the charts among all fashion weeks held across the world! However, are attire and accessories the only stars of the show? These on ly work when worn in tandem with the right makeup and hairstyle.

For every makeup artist, getting an opportunity to work in a fashion show is one of the most significant working milestones. But, working as a makeup director – the key makeup artist responsible for deciding each model’s look, overseeing the work of other artists, using prosthetics for special effects, etc. – is nothing short of a ‘dream come true.’

No matter how far-fetched it may seem, becoming a makeup director is very much possible. Given below are a few tips in that direction.

Signing up for a Professional Makeup Course

The very first step to entering into the glamorous world of makeup, let alone become a makeup director in a fashion show, is to learn advanced makeup courses from a reliable and reputed institution. Under such courses, students are taught all about facial shapes, application styles of suitable makeup for different skin tones, use of prosthetics, top trends in the beauty industry, proper colour-mixing for subtle and dramatic effects, among others.

To receive proper certification, students must get themselves enrolled in highly reputed institutions such as the Pearl Academy. The academy offers students a 360-degree learning experience in collaboration with the London College of Fashion.

Gaining Proper Work Experience

Just as a new entrant into the industry may need to enroll in internship programs to get real-life workplace experiences, those desirous of becoming makeup directors need work experience of a couple of years as a successful makeup artist. However, it also depends upon the network one has formed within those working years, the quality of their work, and the likes.

Developing a Stellar Portfolio

People believe more in their eyes than their ears; thus, having a stellar portfolio of one’s top creations is a must-have. Even on being recommended by someone within the industry, bagging the prestigious role of a makeup director will mean putting the best foot forward via selected extraordinary creations – aspirants can either choose to include full-face makeup photographs or headshots/close-ups of eyes, lips, nose, and so on for a more vivid look. Moreover, one can even play around with the images to sort of create a story. For instance, – One can have an image of a bride and groom or that of different theatrical characters to showcase their skills in bridal and theatrical makeup, respectively.

Working in Fashion Shows

Building a network is something one can never grow out of. Even to become a makeup director for a notable fashion show, the same rule applies. After completing the milestones of internships, apprenticeships, and even working as a successful makeup artist, one needs to enter the fashion show arena. This means forming strong connections within the industry with clients and brands – after all, breakthroughs are sudden and unexpected. Once in, the next step is to impress and vow the audience so that more such opportunities knock at the door.

It would take multiple successful fashion shows to land the expertise, credibility, and experience needed to work as a makeup director.

Aspirants must take up careful observation of makeup directors during such fashion shows as their primary task as this will not only help them grab the skills faster but will also help them imitate the degree of confidence and professionalism needed to successfully lead a group of artists under them in the future. Becoming a makeup director is as much possible as becoming a makeup artist, just that it requires taking a slightly different direction.

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