UK Fashion Designer & Freelance Design Agency

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UK Fashion Designer & Freelance Design Agency

There’s a new fashion designer in town that integrates numerous labels of streetwear and brings them into the mix of both traditional and modern trends of today. We’ll get into more of who this mystery man is, but first, we’re going to give you some insight on what it takes to be a UK fashion designer and one of the best at that. You often hear of fashion designers like Armani, Brioni, and other companies that have been designed with ultimate fashion, but don’t forget about the guys who work with numerous regular brands, because they’re often the more popular ones when it comes to everyday wear.

Excellent Design Skills

More importantly, it’s a new century, so you no longer just have the traditional methods of fashion design. Being able to utilize graphic design software and even standard software that incorporates numerous applications into today’s designs. They can’t be just limited to design however, as the best designers can offer skills in designing various seasons and styles of clothing, as well as brand development and incorporations.

Why Various Brands is Important

Having experience with multiple brands is just as important as designing clothing for your own brand of clothing. Even all of the major designers out there have other people who design for them sometimes or in some aspects. This can be a major venue for the average UK fashion designer, because they can break into brands that are popular that everyone wears like Nike, Reebok, Umbro, Puma, and many others. Men’s fashion is also a unique field because the designs to be incorporated are so diverse, so the designer must be as well.

About Our Designer

Jonathan Mitchell is a fashion designer who graduated with a Menswear degree in 2000. With over 20 years of experience, being a designer for numerous companies, he has developed many forms or apparel for Puma, and a plethora of other brands both nationwide, and worldwide. He moved to Manchester and ended up taking a job with Umbro back in 2014, and now he’s working as a freelance designer, branching out on his own. He does numerous graphic design applications for numerous brands that are on the rise in the UK.

Resources Galore

One of the awesome things to realize is that when it comes to UK fashion designers, you want a site you can go to in order to get numerous resources about different types of styles, designer wear, and how you can even make a custom look for yourself using popular brands no matter how much they cost (or how much they don’t).


You’d be surprised at how well a man can dress in a cheap suit just as much as they could with a million-dollar suit if they know how to mix and match brands the right way. Ideas like this are an excellent way for a designer to get noticed because not everyone can afford just one top dollar outfit. Not only that, with all the experience, you want someone who’s got connections to work for you, and being able to do designs on various types of men’s clothing can help greatly as well.

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