Falling in Love with Kaftan Dresses

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Falling in Love with Kaftan Dresses

Sometimes you reach a moment when you stop and say, “I have nothing to wear.” It is not because you do not have clothes, but because you do not know how to make your outfit unique. Putting together an outfit can be tough. What top goes with what pants? What accessories can you wear? What about your shoes? Well, when it comes to quick outfits that still exude style, dresses are a go-to. Dresses like an A-line, a halter, or an empire have gotten plenty of love because they are perfect for many occasions. However, you also can never go wrong with a kaftan dress.

What is a Kaftan Dress?

A kaftan resembles a tunic or a robe that is famous in many parts of Asia. It is a loose and flowy garment, making it comfortable and perfect for warm and arid weather. All sorts of people wear kaftans. A kaftan dress can appear practical and straightforward, like a typical dress. You can slip it on and off you go with your day. However, just as how a simple sedan can transform into a supercharged speed demon, so can a kaftan dress turn into a symbol of status. Throughout history, the elites of the societies in Central, East, and Southeast Asia have taken the humble kaftan dress and elevated it with gorgeous colours, intricate patterns, and extravagant embellishment. Common people followed suit, weaving kaftans that tried to reach the beauty of the elites. It is this desire for aesthetics that turned a plain robe-like garment, into a dress of fashion.

The Allure of Kaftans

A kaftan dress carries the traditional perks of an everyday dress. It is essentially an all-in-one outfit that you slip on. The best part is you do not need to wear pants. What more can you ask for from an outfit? All that is left to complete the outfit is footwear, and the shoes that you can wear with a kaftan dress can range from doll shoes to boots. If you want to further glam it up, then you can go for accessories like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

A kaftan dress is also perfect for all body types. People with some extra curves may feel insecure wearing formfitting dresses. Likewise, those with barely any curves may feel the same way. A kaftan dress, however, does not care. While some dresses can be unappealing when loose, but not a kaftan, a kaftan is loose and flowy; you can feel comfortable wearing it, whether you are petite or curvy. A kaftan dress only needs the loose silhouette of the wearer to bring shape to itself. The designs, patterns, and colours will do the rest of the work for you.

How to Wear Kaftans

You can wear kaftans anywhere and anytime. Looking to go out? Don a kaftan. Want to stay at home? Lounge in a kaftan. Although kaftans mostly come from places with warm or arid weathers, fashion evolution has allowed kaftans also to be perfect in colder and even winter seasons. Creativity has extended that kaftan from a dress to pants, tops, and even jackets. You can now wear a kaftan-inspired top or jacket as part of your winter outfit.

The clothes you wear are a form of non-verbal communication. Corporate wear shows seriousness, while beachwear shows casualness. The beauty with kaftans is that they can fill all roles in that spectrum. All you got to do is go for the right design, extend your choices, and include kaftans in your wardrobe.

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