10 Reasons to Wear Everything Over-Sized This Fall

February 11th, 2020 by

10 Reasons to Wear Everything Over-Sized This Fall

Forget about those tight and constricting skirts and dresses. Oversized and baggy outfits are coming back in style. The latest trends indicate that oversized clothes are going to make a spectacular comeback this fall. 

Loose and baggy clothes were also featured quite prominently on the runway, and influential brands like Gucci, Chloe, Balenciaga and Moschino also showcased some impressive oversized outfits in their catalogue.

Large shirts, baggy tunics, heavy jackets and wavy skirts are very prominent in most of the fall fashion shows this year. Therefore, if you are going shopping, and you can’t figure out what size you should get to look trendy, here are ten reasons why oversized clothes are the way to go. 

Oversized clothes are comfortable:

One of the most prominent reasons why you should wear oversized garments is that they are super soft. Not only will they make you look chic, but they will also allow you to feel loose and relaxed. 

Tight tops and jackets aren’t comfortable, and they also don’t allow the skin to breathe. Moreover, according to the latest trends, voluminous clothing and outfits are very stylish, so if you are buying an outfit at a store, or ordering one online, consider going a size above your own for a loose-fitting outfit. 

Oversized clothes are less constricting:

Oversized garments also have the advantage that they offer more ease in movement and mobility. These days, the skinny jeans are so constricting that you can’t even put your phone or anything else in the pockets without feeling super uncomfortable. 

Therefore, open and airy clothes can be quite advantageous, as they provide more space in the pockets and they allow you to access the full range of motion of your body. This means that fun activities like dancing are a lot easier in loose-fitting clothes. 

Oversized clothes make you look more petite:

These days people are obsessed with slender and petite physiques, and it may seem like oversized clothes will have the opposite effect, but they can make you look thinner. 

It is all about the frame of reference, if someone who is slightly chubby wears super constricting clothes, they will look bigger, whereas wearing baggy clothes give the illusion of a slender and light frame. 

Therefore, loose-fitting clothes are a stylish and practical choice, especially in the fall when you are bound to put on some winter weight. 

Oversized sweaters and shirts allow you to adopt the off the shoulder look:

Oversized clothes open a lot of new style avenues, one of which is the off the shoulder look. Large sweaters and shirts have bigger collars that allow you to show off some skin. You can also tilt the collar to one side to get an authentic off-the-shoulder look.

However, if you are opting to wear oversized sweaters or shorts in your outfit, make sure that the bottoms are more fitting. On the other hand, if you are wearing baggy pants, your top should be more complementing for your figure. This creates an alluring and attractive contrast in the fitting of your outfit and can make for an extremely trendy look. 

You can use oversized t-shirts like a dress:

Another way to use oversized clothes for a trendy look is to wear large t-shirts as a dress. T-shirt dresses are very voguish these days, and there is the perfect outfit for this fall. You can wear some thigh-high boots under these t-shirts for a super trendy and casual street look. 

Another major advantage of t-shirt dresses is that you can have them customized according to your preferences. Numerous online stores make t-shirts with custom embroidery and prints. 

Therefore, get some custom t-shirts to add a personal touch to your style.  

Oversized clothes are super trendy:

There is no denying that large clothes are coming back into style. The famous pop singer Billie Eilish is the perfect example of the oversized clothing style. It provides an excellent look, and in the fall, the opportunities are endless. 

You will have to start wearing sweaters and jackets in the fall, and these clothing items provide a lot of opportunities to introduce oversized items to your outfits. Large leather jackets and denim jackets are extraordinarily in style these days, therefore if you want to have a trendy and hip look this fall, invest in some oversized coats, sweaters and jackets. 

Oversized clothes allow you to look chic on a budget:

The oversized clothing style is also quite affordable to implement. Even inexpensive pieces in larger sizes can look chic and vogue if you wear them right. This means that you need to know which part of your outfit has to be billowing and which parts have to be tight. 

Mostly, oversized coats and jackets are a great option in the fall, and they should be paired with fitter shirts or dresses for a trendy outfit. Therefore, learn how to pull-off oversized clothes, and you will be able to make your outfits look more expensive and lavish without breaking the bank. 

Oversized clothes make you look unique and confident:

One of the main objectives of keeping up with styles and trends is to maintain a unique appearance, and baggy clothes are a great way to do so. They are quite trendy, but most people don’t wear them because they aren’t easy to pull off; however, if you learn how to accessorize and contrast large clothing pieces, you will always have the most unique and stylish outfit at every gathering. 

Oversized clothes will make you look like a style guru:

Wearing outfits with oversized clothing items is not easy. It is a very challenging look to pull off, and if you can do it right, you will look like a style guru. However, you need to know which sizes to get. For instance, in some cases going a single size above your own is enough, while you can go even more significant for some elements such as coats and jackets. 

Oversized clothes will last longer:

Another reason why oversized garments are a good idea is that they will surely last longer, especially for teenagers who are still growing. Even if the trend of baggy clothes dies down in a couple of years, by then your clothes might be more fitting

To sum it all up, trends and styles keep changing, and they tend to follow a cycle. This is why the old styles of baggy and loose-fitting clothes are back with a bang. Though it is a tricky look to pull off, you can do it with some proper research. Therefore, to encourage you to go for this trendy style, we have mentioned some of the main reasons why it is back this fall. We hope you find this post entertaining and fun.

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