5 Fall Fashion Trends You’re Absolutely Going To Adore

August 21st, 2019 by

5 Fall Fashion Trends You’re Absolutely Going To Adore
Fall is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to change up your wardrobe to embrace the new season. Getting to change things up and try out new trends is often the best part about a season-changing, and this year there are some hot trends you’re going to love testing out. There are looks from the 90s, 80s, and even the 70s that are all coming back in updated ways.

Deciding what you’re going to try out this fall might be a little more challenging if you love all three decades that are hot this year. Of course, you’ll still be able to embrace ordinary fall fashions you love like sweaters and tall boots but there are also some significant new trends you’re bound to fall in love with.

Some of the popular trends even let you bring your summer looks into the fall. Don’t want to make those Viakix sandals go quite yet? You don’t have to this year, there are trends out there to help you bring them right into the fall. Your feet can breathe for at least one more season! Here are five fall fashion trends you’re absolutely going to adore.

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1. Open Toes With Tights

This is a shoe trend that is going to be extremely popular this fall. It ranges from peep-toe pumps to minimalistic sandals. If you love your slipperssandals don’t put them away just because fall weather is hitting. This year you can wear them throughout the season either bravely going completely bare-toed or paired with tights.

There are also metallic sheer socks you can pair with your sandals this year that look great with pants or skirts. You can wear this look with platform sandals, wedges, or honestly any other sandal trend you loved this summer. The metallic socks look particularly cute with slide sandals that have thin straps and really show off the socks themselves.

In the past, wearing socks with sandals or open-toed shoes was a faux pas but this year it’s something to embrace. If you’re loving your summer sandals and don’t want to say good-bye invest in some tights and trendy socks and keep wearing them. You’ll be right on trend and your summer wardrobe will last a little longer.

2. Capes Or Capelets

If you don’t want to wear a jacket this fall you can still stay warm and look extremely trendy. Capes instead of coats were all over the runway. You can find them in bold prints, or toned down neutral looks that will match every outfit you own. They look surprisingly pulled together considering this is a trend that hasn’t been around for quite a while.

You might want to find a full-on coat for the winter months if you live in a colder climate but for chilly fall days, a cape may be just what you need. This look will cover you and keep you warm but usually will be open in the front so you won’t be fully protected once the weather gets freezing.

If you are attached to the cape look for the full duration of the cold weather season there are some options that pull over your head instead of connecting in the front. They’ll leave your arms free and give you a smooth cape-like look that you can sport all season long.

3. Satin And Slip Dresses

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Remember the slip dresses that everyone loved in the 90s? They’re back and in a big way. You’ll be able to find satin in unexpected colors this time around though. While in the past satin was reserved for more muted tones, this year a lot of satins are going to be found in bright neon tones. Think of satin and neons as a way to marry 80s colors with 90s silhouettes.

You don’t have to go with the neon tones if you don’t want to. There are plenty of updated satin looks that stick to the more traditional colors but if you really want to be edgy the neons will be out and about all season long. Slip dresses will pair well with your sandals and tights as well so it’s a great way to pull a few hot looks together into one outfit.

4. Bows And Blouses

This is a look from the 70s that’s back and better than ever. You have some options with this trend that weren’t around when it was hot in the 70s. You can find blouses already adorned with bows or straps to tie into a bow around your neck. You can also make this look work in a new way by pairing neutral colored blouses with scarves you tie at the neck.

If you go with the scarf option make sure you choose a long scarf instead of one that’s short. The shorter look isn’t quite what you’re going for. You want the bow to be able to lay over the blouse in almost a droopy manner. It doesn’t have to be sloppy but it should be long enough to cover at least the top of the blouse to get this trend exactly right.

5. Puffy Sleeves

This might make some of you cringe if you lived through the 80s puff sleeves trend the first time it was hot. Although not much has changed about the actual sleeves and how puffy they are, the way the look is worn is updated and looks chicer than it might’ve if you wore a puffy-sleeved dress to your prom in the 80s.

Puff sleeves can be found on suits, dresses, and blouses this fall. Pairing them with other trends like knee-high boots or cinched waist suits is what makes this trend updated for 2019. You’ll definitely have to find the version of this look that works for you but it’s something you’re bound to see this fall. Pairing it with other trends is what’s going to make it work.


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Fall trends are all about updating past looks. It’s not a new idea but the ways the looks are being updated this year are especially unique. From the neon satins to puffy sleeves on suits you’d wear to the office you’re bound to find an edgy update on an old look that you absolutely love. Hit the stores and discover what makes you feel great. Happy shopping!