Fall Bucket List: Fun and Frugal Fall Activities for Families

October 17th, 2019 by

Fall Bucket List: Fun and Frugal Fall Activities for Families

Fall is a magical time of year for families. The summer chaos is over, and everyone is getting back into a routine. The air is cooler, the leaves are changing, and there’s peace in the air.

Fall is the best season for spending quality time together as a family. It’s also a season filled with frugal activities for the budget-minded. Here are five fun, affordable activities to add to your family’s bucket list this autumn.

fall activities for families

Take Fall Cooking Classes

The harvest season is here, and with it comes delicious root vegetables and fresh produce that make for delectable, hearty dishes. This is the perfect time to learn new recipes that will not only help you with meal planning but also set you up for success at your next Weight Watchers Workshop.

There’s no time like the fall to get your kids in the kitchen. Look for family-friendly fall cooking classes near you. You can often find affordable classes at the local grocery store. These classes can teach you how to make amazing fall meals that will tantalize your taste buds while spending quality time with the people you love.

Hiking New Trails

Fall is the perfect time to get active. The summer heat has dissipated, the days are beautiful, and the weekends are filled with endless possibilities. Spend time together as a family by enjoying the natural splendor and exploring new hiking trails.

Hiking together as a family is a great way to get some exercise and reach your personal goals while encouraging health and wellness for everyone. Make it special for your kids by putting together a scavenger hunt as you go through the woods. Pick up a few outdoor skills books to read as a family, and learn how to recognize different plants and animals while practicing some old-fashioned navigation.

Hiking is a great activity for families as the combination of fresh air, and physical exertion will have your kids conked out by bedtime.

Rock Painting and Hunting

fall activities for families

Rock hunting is the new geocaching. Look on social media for a rock hunting group in your area. If there isn’t one, start a group yourself or keep it as a fun, special surprise.

Rock hunting consists of painting and sealing rocks with unique, beautiful designs and hiding them in parks around your area for people to find. Kids love this special treasure hunt that will not only give them a creative outlet but also get them moving outdoors.

This activity works well when there’s a group, so you can post pictures of your creations and give hints about where to find them. When painting rocks, never add gems and stick one that could fall off and harm the natural surroundings. Look for non-toxic paint and use a sealant that will prevent runoff in the elements.

Corn and Sunflower Mazes

Corn mazes are a time-honored fall tradition. Spend hours roaming around in the corn stalks, enjoying the hidden delights along the way. Sunflower mazes are a modern twist on the traditional corn maze, in which you tour through the towering flowers to find your way out. Sunflower mazes add an extra special photo opportunity as well.

If you have older children and love all things spooky, look for a haunted corn maze. There are many corn mazes that have a chilling nighttime event for teenagers and adults, in which a creepy cast of characters hides in the stalks.

Apple Picking and Baking

Apple picking is an affordable family activity that will get you active and serves a purpose when you get home. Put on your best boots and flannel and head to the farm to pick apples. Afterward, make some of your favorite apple recipes together. Some easy, family-friendly recipes include:

Apple pie
Apple cider
Apple crisp
Candy or caramel apples

Be sure to pick up everything you need for your recipes before you head to the orchard. That way, you can get baking as soon as you get home.

These fun fall activities are sure to be delightful for kids of all ages, even you. Release your inner child, jump in some leaves, and make this fall your best yet.