Explore Some Important Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing an Industrial Flow Meter

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Explore Some Important Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing an Industrial Flow Meter

Water utilities depend on reliable and accurate flow measurement in case of crucial process controls. In this context, we are aware that the regulatory agencies would also, necessitate effective flow monitoring, as well as, reporting with precise accuracy limits. Flow metering technology seems to be making rapid progress and consistently getting enhanced and as such, a broad spectrum of meter styles and types are available. Every flow meter application is supposed to be unique and mostly industrial flow meter selection must never be based on the lowest bid that you have got. We understand that cost is a critical factor but other factors genuinely are given far more importance while choosing an industrial flow.

According to https://www.pumpsandsystems.com, “Selecting a liquid flow meter to measure volumetric flow rate or totalized flow can be a complex process. There are many factors to consider, including the fluid type, application environment, operating parameters like temperature, pressure and flow rate, flow meter technology, accuracy and repeatability requirements, reliability, installation constraints, maintenance requirements, and instrument life cycle.” Here are some of the most important factors to consider while choosing the industrial flow meter.

Application & Objectives of the Flow Meter

What precisely do you want your flow meter to actually achieve? What are the specific needs of the current job?   What do you know about the application type? Along with all these vital queries, it is crucial to take into account the flow measurement category (gases & liquid) since they would be of assistance in defining the kind of sensor that would be the right choice for your specific environment. Moreover, determining the exact place or the atmosphere where precisely the flow meter would be used could prove to be of great help in identifying the perfect range of your flow meter and determine the precise size that would surely be mandatory for acquiring the much-aspired accuracy. Get in touch with a reputed organization such as Smart Measurement that is a leading producer of flow meters.

The Flow Meter’s Flow Profile

Choosing the perfect flow meter is actually the key to the desired success while choosing the wrong flow meter would imply nothing but real trouble. What are the specific characteristics and flow rates of the concerned gases or liquids for your application? Have you determined the maximum and minimum flow rates meant for your application? What do you understand and learn about the unique performance qualities of the individual flow meter?

The profile of the actual flow would be determining the momentum and some other behaviors associated with the liquid. We know that all types of fluids have diverse viscosity, pressure, velocity, and flow rates. It is extremely important to learn about all these attributes for choosing the perfect flow meter.

External Factors

What real-life situations could be contributing to equipment downtime? Are there any government regulations or local environmental conditions that could hamper your operations? What do you know about vendor selection? In this context, you must appreciate that there are several environmental conditions that are very much beyond your control and that may impact everything right from the selection of the flow meter to its operations. Moreover, factors associated with the general lifespan of the flow meter and its installation may impact the overall flow maker selection process.


The budget must be another important factor in the selection of an industrial flow meter. You must find out the exact price of the flow meter and all other associated equipment.

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