5 Exercises to Reduce Depression

November 25th, 2019 by

5 Exercises to Reduce Depression


  • Strength Training


Boost your mood by boosting your strength. Strength training can help to minimize depression within a few weeks. As it is about strength and control, it enables an individual to learn how to control which is helpful in controlling stress leading to depression. It trains an individual to put full focus and concentration on the exercise. When people see outcomes of strength training in the form of changed body shape that is praised by many, it develops a sense of appreciation which becomes the reason to reduce depression. Another effective form of strength training is working out using cable machines. To know more about the advantages of working out with cable machines, click here.



  • Kettlebells


Kettlebells are an incredible piece of exercising equipment that has numerous benefits. Within a few minutes, you start to sweat due to its great impact. As it can easily be done anywhere, it reduces the stress of going to the gym. Furthermore, you can keep it at home and can do whenever you have time and a mood to do so. When your mind is relaxed and you don’t have to follow the gym timings, you already start feeling better. When you put in a lot of energy to do exercises with kettlebells, your stress level reduces and by doing it frequently you can get rid of your depression within a few days. As you are doing it at home, you are at liberty to wear any of your favorite workout clothes but they should be comfortable.



  • Running


The biggest reason for running to fight against depression is the release of a large number of endorphins from the body that reduces physical fatigue and gives a sense of mindfulness. Endorphins are released by special glands that are present in our brain while responding to the physical activity being performed. It’s always preferable to run in the morning to have an interaction with the elements of nature more closely. 


  • Yoga


Yoga makes the body flexible and tolerant, improves breathing and balance, which leads to having more mindfulness. These all benefits of yoga help to get rid of negative thoughts in mind hence it reduces depression. Once you start doing it, you will soon notice a significant positive change physically as well as psychologically. Doing it in a big park where nature is closer to you enhances its effectiveness.  Just imagine having those chirping birds around you, fresh morning breezes, dew drops on the petals of the flowers, and much more. This all is a wonderful experience to cure your depression. 


  • Tai Chi



Tai Chi is the eastern form of meditation having gentle movements just like yoga. Such delicate movements help you to break free from prolonged stress. As the name indicates, this form of exercise is an old Chinese tradition. According to the research, individuals who have regularly done Tai Chi for up to 12 weeks have seen to minimize the depression. If Tai Chi is done in groups, it has greater benefits to mental health which is even better to cure depression. The best time to do Tai Chi is early morning, as this way you can have more benefits through your early to rise routine. This way, it would be much easier for you to fall asleep early too, which further helps to reduce depression. 

These are the 5 best exercises that help you to cure your prolonged depression. You can choose any one exercise out of these 5 and start doing it from today onwards. I can bet that within a few weeks you will feel differently mentally as well as physically.