How To Choose An Ev Station For Your Business: 4 Criteria To Know

As electric vehicles became popular and affordable, people gradually turned to them. For that reason, the number of tram stations also needs to be increased significantly. Businesses began to pay attention and find ways to enter this billion-dollar market. However, new things always face many obstacles. Not all companies know about “how to choose an EV station for your business”. So, this article will show you 4 prerequisites for finding an ideal charging station.

How To Choose An EV Station For Your Business

Based on each business orientation, the owners there will have different criteria to choose a suitable charging station. However, the following 4 can be considered a common factor and needed when building an EV charging station.

Suitable for targeted customer

For businesses, customers are the core of the development. If many customers are using the service, your company can perform well. Therefore, you need to identify the potential customers the company wants to serve in as much detail as possible. From there, you can come up with a plan to choose the type of charger that is suitable for the target customer base.

Fast charging

Fast charging is the optimal choice for those who work 8 hours and can take advantage of this time to charge their cars. This will help them save time and enjoy your services more.

However, the quick charge depends on the type of vehicle you or your employees use. However, the required capacity ranges from 3.7kW to 22kW. Of course, the higher the number, the faster the full electric speed will be. And you can rely on your company budget to make appropriate investment decisions.

Rapid charging

More than the Fast charging, Rapid charging even at night until charging time is even more incredible. Stations like these are suitable for taxis or highway vehicles. They are both vehicles that do not have too much time to charge. Therefore, choose a charging station like this, and your potential customer base will be greatly expanded.

You might be interested in DC fast chargers. In addition to promoting accelerated charging times, it also reduces cooling effort and reduces overall system size. The miniature size will help your business save a lot on the installation area.

Smart charging

Smart charging provides cloud-based services connectivity. Thanks to that, the charging station is remotely controlled and updated.

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is a standard that allows connection between hardware and software. Therefore, selecting equipment according to the above standard will make the following settings much easier.

You can follow the charging station companies to learn more about the smart chargers and gadgets available on the market. As a result, you have more options for your business.


Cost reduction is always the first concern of companies, especially in new and young places. Therefore, you can rely on choosing a charging station for the above business to bring the most suitable and best-charging stations.

We hope the above article can help you know how to choose an EV station for your business. Good luck!

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