5 Style Tips to Help You Embrace Your Body Shape and Size

March 26th, 2020 by

5 Style Tips to Help You Embrace Your Body Shape and Size

If your body doesn’t look like a movie star’s—and frankly, sometimes even when it does—dressing up can be a delicate issue. Society often holds women up to a single, impossible standard of how to look and dress in order to be beautiful. But the great harm that it does is that it turns a simple task like shopping from something that is fun to something that women actively dread. Instead of experiencing joy when picking out clothes, many women experience anxiety and dissatisfaction with themselves.

What if the only size I can fit into is XL? Why can’t my body be curvier? Am I ugly, and is it my fault? These are just some of the questions that may cross your mind while you’re in a fitting room of a store. Difficult questions like these notwithstanding, choosing the right clothes for your body doesn’t have to be painful. Remember that no two bodies look, feel, or grow in exactly the same way. Part of attaining both a healthy body and a healthy self-image is embracing what you’ve got. And one way to embrace your body type is to style up in a way that shows you off to the world in a positive light.

If you’re feeling self-conscious or unsure about how to dress, here are five practical tips for you. These should make shopping for, fitting, and styling your clothes everyday so much easier.

Don’t Base Who You Are on a Single Size

The idea that “one size fits all” is still very rampant when it comes to fashion matters. For example, when you find out you’ve hit the XL size for one type of garment, you may assume that you’re XL for everything else. Beyond that, you might become fixated on the tag and not think of anything other than that.

However, you should remember that your size for one clothing item doesn’t dictate everything about your dress options, your style, and your overall appearance. Don’t be afraid to try different sizes for different items, fabrics, and clothing lines, and see beyond the one-tag limit.

Acknowledge What Different Types of Clothing Are Meant For

You may not have considered shopping for specialty clothing items, like shapewear for women, because the thought of them makes you uneasy. For some, buying shapewear seems like an admission that their bodies aren’t good enough. But the best kind of shapewear has a purpose beyond slimming unwanted curves in the body. Good shapewear can also provide crucial support to one’s back and bust area, which could make the wearer feel as well as look more comfortable.

Seeing items like these for what they can do beyond the “slimming effect” can be liberating. Keep an open mind, and look for varieties that can support your body just the way it is.

Shop with Accuracy in Mind

There are few things more disappointing than ordering an item by a letter size and finding out that it doesn’t fit. That kind of problem could take the joy away from choosing your OOTD. One extremely practical way to avoid that is to take your measurements every time you shop. Think of your measurements as objective numbers, and not as a means to pass quick judgment on your body type.

Once you’ve got your measurements, do your clothes shopping with them as the basis. That’ll help you avoid guesswork, assumptions, or disappointments about how your clothes will fit you.

Shop for the Body Attributes You Feel Positive About

Many women shop as a counter to certain body attributes they have. One example is avoiding low-cut tops because they make one’s chest look too big. Another is forgoing clothes of a certain color or pattern because it makes one look bad. But what if you shopped for clothes and styled yourself with the exact opposite mentality?

Instead of thinking about what you may not look good in, try to focus on what you’ll rock. Shop with an awareness of the colors, fabrics, or patterns you look awesome in. That’ll make styling yourself an even greater pleasure—and it may also give you the confidence to try new things!

Take Note of Every Moment That You Enjoy the Way You Look

Lastly, why not find a way to chronicle your favorite outfits? You’ll get a great idea of what you look good in, plus you’ll be able to see how your style has evolved over time. It could be immensely fun—and immensely reassuring to yourself—to get a glimpse of your own visual identity. There are some clothing items and accessories that only you can look this great in—so why not celebrate those instances?

There are a number of ways that you can track your favorite OOTDs. You can take a collection of selfies or make pin boards on Pinterest. Share your chronicles with whoever has similar interests in fashion, and whoever may need the confidence boost as much as you do. You’ll be surprised how inspiring you can be to other women if you share your style in this way.

It’s often difficult to be confident about how you dress and carry yourself, no matter what your body type is like. There’s the notion that you should be pleasing others before pleasing yourself. But beauty can come in all shapes and sizes—and that’s something you can prove with your own personal style. Embrace your best assets, and be a gift to yourself and to the world!