What You Should Do for Proper Ear Care in Addition to Visiting Singapore ENT Specialist Clinic for Ear Nose Throat Head & Neck Disorder Treatments

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What You Should Do for Proper Ear Care in Addition to Visiting Singapore ENT Specialist Clinic for Ear Nose Throat Head & Neck Disorder Treatments

Ears are very sensitive organs that need special care, but we seldom pay attention to it unless it gives some trouble. Keeping ears clean is important, but at the same time, you must ensure its safety from injury and noise. Besides physical injury to ears, there are possibilities of injury to the internal ear parts especially the eardrum from loud noise or if water finds its way into ears. Ear injuries can lead to hearing loss of varying degrees which can have long term adverse effects on health and lifestyle. Some illnesses can also affect your hearing ability. Knowing the signs of ear problems can help to take timely action to prevent hearing loss. Having regular checkups at ENT Doctor Singapore Clinic – Earnosethroat.com.sg should help to maintain good ear health.  The following general tips would also ensure proper ear care.

Keeping ears clean – Dos and Don’ts

Extra care for ears is essential to keep it clean. Using a tissue or washcloth is best for wiping the outer ear. Do not use bobby pins, Q-pin or sharp objects for cleaning ears as it can injure the eardrum and ear canal. Some ear wax is good for ears as it is useful for self-cleaning of ears. If you have too much ear wax that blocks the ear and if you experience pain or itching, consult your primary care physician followed by an ENT specialist, if required. For pierced ears, keep the earlobes clean by regular rubbing with alcohol.


When you are using power tools or lawn mower at home or during leaf blowing, protect your ears from loud noise by using ear plugs or similar protective gear. It is a legal requirement to use ear protection aids when working in noisy environments. Avoid listening to music with earbuds on when you are using any power tools as it is dangerous. No matter in which manner you listen to music, with earphones on or otherwise, keep the volume of the sound within tolerable limits. Do not forget to adjust the volume level of automobile sound systems so that it is soothing for the ears as it also helps to listen to other sounds around you that is essential for safe driving. Ensure that you have earplugs when enjoying motorsports, rock concerts and going to nightclubs.


Head injuries can injure the ears, and you must always wear a helmet when riding a bike, skiing, roller skating or indulging in any other dangerous activity. During scuba diving, use the skills to avoid the impact of changing water pressure on your ears. For equalizing the pressure on ears when flying, yawning and frequently swallowing when ascending and descending can help to avoid ear blocking.  Some special types of earplugs for pressure equalization on ears during flying are also available.

Having your ears checked regularly by an ENT surgeon especially if you observe or feel anything unusual and consulting an audiologist as soon as you experience hearing problems can prevent damage to ears.

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