Piknow – The perfect tool for downloading data from Instagram

October 17th, 2019 by

Piknow – The perfect tool for downloading data from Instagram

Piknow is a perfect tool for downloading data from Instagram. This tool not only solves image and video problems, but also statistics important data from Instagram. So that, users can easily follow and update information and trends around the world. Similar to other data download tools, Piknow also works as a website. However, besides that, Piknow has many great features that users cannot refuse. To learn more about the advantages of this tool, please follow the sharing below.

How did Piknow download photos and videos from Instagram?

Understanding the inconvenience that users have when using Instagram, our team of experts have used their capabilities to create a website that integrates the ability to download photos and videos from Instagram based on the platform of website. In our website, search bar always appears and is used to find anything. Users can paste key about imagine, articles and video to download.

Piknow has successfully integrated the feature of downloading photos and videos that users have been waiting for so long

This search bar has been coded and installed. So that, users can use it simply without having to perform too many operations. Currently, the download speed as well as compatibility with devices of this feature has been improved by us. You can download any photos and videos that appear on Instagram and not need to worry that the download process is interrupted.

To download photos and videos from Instagram, you only need to perform 3 very simple steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Instagram and find the users name or hashtag of the photo or video (if have) that you want to download to the device.
  • Step 2: Copy those users or hashtags and visit the website https://piknow.com/.
  • Step 3: Paste the users name or hashtag above into the search bar that you see in the middle of the screen where the first interface appears. Then, click on the “Search” icon on the side to search for those users’ hashtags.

You can download videos and photos from Piknow without having to install any other applications or tools

Those users’ posts or that hashtag will appear. You can view and learn more about it and easily download photos and videos from the articles displayed on our website. Because Piknow is encrypted, you can download photos and videos from the website’s interface.

However, because Instagram is not encrypted, Instagram’s policy does not allow users to download photos and videos, so you cannot download videos and photos from Instagram even though it is unique information from single source. In addition to this feature, Piknow is also very successful in arranging data and displaying a clear, scientific way to users.

You may not know, besides downloading photos and videos from Instagram, Piknow also provides and organizes a lot of other information accurately and neatly. This information is considered to be quite useful for Instagram lovers and people who use Instagram as a tool to update information and trends around the world.

You will surprise about Piknow by these extra features

Details about what these features look like? Let’s continue exploring with us in the article below!

Other equally important features of Piknow

Other features we would like to mention are:

  • Discovery: Provide and organize the most outstanding articles for users to reference and update.
  • People: Provide and organize the famous and most interested users for users to search and find out.
  • Locations: Provides and organizes places that many people visit as well as check in recently.
  • Search: Provide information by keywords that users search more. 


As briefly shared above, Discovery will provide and organize the most prominent articles for reference and update users. Accordingly, in this section, users will see the iconic posts, photos showing new trends that many people responded. You can access this section to keep up with the latest and most sought-after things.

Discovery will be the most general section you can use to update all the information that people are most concerned about

It can be said, Discovery is one of the most useful part of piknow. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on Instagram, just 1-2 hours a day.


The parts of Piknow all have similar features. However, instead of articles in the Discovery section, Piknow has summarized the information and put the most famous users in recent times in the “People” section. You can see the details of the users name, the avatar of the users, the number of people who follow those users, the number of people that those users follow and the total number of photos and posts posted by those users.


Do you know? In addition to fashion, music, tourism is also one of the areas that people interest the most. Along with fashion and music trends, tourism trends have also been strengthened and regularly featured in the “Locations” section.

Locations will suggest for you – those who love to travel quite a lot of hot places

In this section, locations is the places that usually checked in, often appearing on photos and videos and hashtags. It will be evaluated and arranged in this part orderly.


If you’ve ever seen a photo, video, or article but forgot to save it, go to the “Search” section and search for any keyword you have ever remembered. Articles that contain those keywords will appear on the screen and you can search them more easily.

Each of Piknow’s features is carefully focused and implemented by excellent staff. Currently, there are many new features that we prepare and launch for users. So, we hope that everybody will support Piknow for a long time. 

Every article, image, video that we encode from Instagram is very accurate. Despite its recent appearance, Piknow has not stopped gaining success. These successes are evidenced by the number of daily users. We are confident and declare that Piknow will soon be able to compete directly with Instagram. If you don’t know Piknow yet, try going to http://piknow.net/ to learn more!