5 DIY Makeup Station Ideas

Makeup is an incredible art. People can transform their entire look with a few brush strokes and the right foundation. For any art form, there are a few items you absolutely need before you create your masterpiece. You need a canvas, and when your art takes place on your face, you don’t need to look far for that one. You need the right tools, brushes, makeup palettes, eyeliner, the works. But you also need a place to work. A specific environment just for you to have fun and experiment with your makeup ideas. You need a proper vanity.

Gone are the days of struggling to do makeup in the fluorescent lights of your bathroom. If you’re interested in makeup and having fun with your looks from every day to a night out, you deserve a designated space within your room to do so. If you’re ready to create that perfect vanity, check out some great DIY tips to make a personalized space on any budget. Your vanity doesn’t have to be an elaborate piece of furniture out of a 1940s classic film to be functional and fabulous. So whether you’re on a budget, need a compact space, a vanity with multiple functions, or extra storage space, there are ways to make a DIY, creative vanity to fit with your style.

Repurpose Other Furniture

When you think of a vanity, you may picture that classic table connected to a mirror with its own drawers that takes up a lot of space. But that is not the only answer anymore. You can actually create a vanity from anything. You just need a tabletop, a mirror, and some lighting. Anything can become the perfect vanity space. Set up on top of your dresser, use an old bookshelf, create a floating vanity, set a plank of wood on top of old bar stools. You can even go for a vintage look with an old suitcase full of your supplies. So when you’re planning your DIY vanity, go antiquing or search for those furniture items at a flea market that deserve a second life. Repurposing furniture for your vanity creates a cool aesthetic.

Style Your Storage

If you’re a true makeup connoisseur, you use top of the art materials. You have great brushes and high-quality eye shadow palettes. There’s a lot of items for you to store on your vanity so you can keep them all in the same place. Storing your items can still be stylish. Maybe you want to get a clear top to your vanity and store them underneath where they’re a part of the decor. Or you can invest in stylish pots or vases for your items. Shelves can be stylish, so include your personality in your organization.

Fill It With the Best Tools

Once you’re organized, you’ll want to fill those shelves and drawers with only high-quality products. Have items for your every day, then the makeup that you bring out on special occasions. For example, fake eyelashes can really make your eyes pop. You’ll need to be sure you have the best magnetic eyelashes, lash glue, mascara, and eyeliner to make a statement with your makeup.

Make Some Personalized Artwork

Makeup is a form of expression and can encourage confidence. You want a space that does the same. Consider decorating with some artwork that inspires you. Online sites like Paint Loose can help you get DIY painting kits so you can create a design, quote, or picture that makes you feel like the fabulous person you are. What could be better for your DIY vanity, than a DIY piece of art made by you?

Mirrors and Lighting

One thing your vanity has to have is a mirror. Size and style are up to you, but you want to be sure it matches the aesthetic of the rest of your vanity. This can easily be hung from the wall or even disguised in the vanity itself. You also may want to invest in a ring light or a white light source so you can see your work in it’s truest form. Don’t rely on the ugly yellow lights from the fluorescents, but consider extra lighting for your vanity.

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