Different Styles For Wearing Dhoti Pants In Today’s World 

October 27th, 2020 by

Different Styles For Wearing Dhoti Pants In Today’s World 

The first thought that rushes to anyone’s mind after hearing the phrase traditional Indian clothing is a dhoti. It is one of the most immemorial pieces of clothing for men. With time, there has been an evolution in the style and trends of wearing a dhoti. Various Indian traditions still require men to wear a dhoti during religious proceedings.

The way people style a dhoti has also changed in due course of time. They are also known to provide maximum comfort to its wearer. Styled dhoti pants have also found their way into women’s wardrobe. You can get started by wearing a dhoti by picking out a comfortable and effortless style for you. There are several colours, prints, and different types of fabrics for a dhoti.

Tying a dhoti can prove to be a challenge for beginners. The various ways in which you can tie a dhoti include:

  • The Bengali style- this is a pleated version of tying the dhoti.
  • The South Indian style- it involves keeping an extra piece of cloth on the shoulders.
  • The Rajasthani style- this involves wearing a kurta mandatorily with a dhoti.

If you want to find how you can style a dhoti in today’s world, read on.

Combine it with an elegant Kurta

The most common way of wearing a dhoti is by adding a complementary kurta to your attire. You may have seen dhoti kurtabeing worn by Indian men all across the country. It is a prominent traditional attire that has aged timelessly. This style is ideal for any celebration since it gives you a classic look while giving you the comfort to enjoy. Many Indians prefer wearing a dhoti with a kurta for any festive occasion over donning a western suit. It is a perfect reminder of our culture and heritage. You can pick out an elegant kurta of any color or style that embodies your personality.

Dhoti salwar are here to stay

A dhoti combined with a salwar maximizes the style and comfort quotient for you. Dhoti salwar has become extremely popular recently. This outfit has also become a common sight in Indian weddings and functions. You can also modernize the look by wearing it with a western top. Various styles are available for a dhoti salwar. You can pick out an embroidered variety if you wish to add some extra glamour to your look. When in doubt, you can always go with a primary dhoti salwar and pair it up with a different piece to make your outfit stand out.

Dhoti pants

A fashionable choice for women, these dhoti pants are so chic they’ll have everyone complimenting your style. These comfortable bottoms will accentuate your waist and make you stand out flawlessly. You can go for a pleated variant of these pants to get a more designer look. Dhoti pants will be a hot favourite for a long time to come due to the ease and comfort they have. It can also add a fresh look to your wardrobe.

The most predominantly used colours for a dhoti are cream, white, and beige. You can go to other vibrant colours as well. Several fabrics can be chosen, as well. The most commonly used being silk or cotton. Once you master the art of tying a dhoti, you can style it in any which way. A dhoti kurta is a safe option to fall back when you are confused about what to wear for an ethnic look.