How Deep Pressure Therapy Helps You

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How Deep Pressure Therapy Helps You

You may or may not be familiar to deep pressure therapy and how it works. If you don’t, then you’re certainly missing out on everything it can give you! Deep pressure therapy, also known as DTP or deep touch therapy, is a physical, sensory treatment that renders firm pressure into a person’s body.

Pressure Therapy

How Deep Pressure Therapy Works

Deep pressure therapy comes in many forms. You can feel it from simple hugs, strokes, cuddles, or swaddling. If you’re familiar with tight and firm hugs from your friends or relatives, then you’re probably familiar with how DTP feels.

If you notice, you can sense comfort and security whenever people pull you into a tight hug. It gives you a sense of belonging, appreciation, and relaxation, which heals the mind and soul.

Aside from the typical hugs, DTP also comes in the form of a deep pressure therapy blanket. Commonly known as weighted blankets, deep pressure therapy blankets provide the same comfort of hugs without needing an actual person.

When administered to a person’s body, this deep pressure therapy can create a calming impact on both adults and children.

What Are Weighted Blankets?

Weighted or deep pressure therapy blanket provide sufficient pressure to help people who lack sleep or suffer from cases like anxiety.

Some of the people who benefit the most are people who suffer from various psychiatric disorders, sensory processing disorder, attention deficit disorder, and even an autism spectrum disorder.

Even kids can suffer from anxiety, and when away from their parents, a weighted blanket can help to calm them down. Weighted blankets are handy. A child can use it when sleeping, traveling, and playing.

It may have some weight in it, but not enough to cause discomfort on a child. It’s heavy enough to provide therapy, and a child can still comfortably bring it whenever they need to have one.

How Do Weighted Blankets Help?

Weighted blankets do wonder to many people. If a weighted blanket catches your interest, here are some reasons why you should buy one:

●       Eases Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms

Patients with restless leg syndrome often define it in their feet as a tingling or “uncomfortable crawling” sensation.

Since signs tend to occur more frequently at night, insomnia and inadequate sleep can occur. Traveling in a vehicle or on an aircraft can be a cautious nightmare if you are eager to push your feet regularly.

Some people claim they can get relief if they can weigh or continually press on their feet somehow. Many even switch to compression socks for comfort.

These shoes can, however, be highly narrow and contribute to the pain. It can also be hard for individuals with arthritis or mobility. Weighted coats provide the profound strain you want without any restriction on your feet.

●       Aid Fibromyalgia Discomfort

Fibromyalgia is sometimes referred to as a “silent illness” because so many people are not diagnosed or wait years before they receive it. It is also a disease that impacts females disproportionately.

Characterized by acute idiopathic pain, fibromyalgia can weaken at least 11 out of 18 pain points. While some medications can assist patients in handling their diseases, fibromyalgia is not cured.

For some individuals, a weighted blanket’s soft but firm stress is a crucial instrument for stopping fibrous inflammations.

●       Improves The Quality of Sleep

Not all who have poor sleep experiences have insomnia. Fatigue is sometimes merely the consequence of the bad quality of sleep.

While it is essential to sleep correctly, it is necessary to ensure that the sleep you get is restful and restorative. Some specialists call it to sleep hygiene. A weighted blanket is one way to enhance your sleep hygiene.

●       Boosts Your Current Mood

Sometimes it may seem that you will never feel “ordinary” or glad again when you feel down. While it is usual to feel sparkling or irritable, scientists are aware that chemical brain modifications trigger inevitable sadnesses.

For instance, if your brain does not produce enough serotonin, your emotional health might effectively be affected.

Fortunately, there has been evidence that profound contact stress stimulus boosts serotonin output. Deep contact pressure also decreases cortisol (stress) concentrations. Better still, you can get this treatment at home with a weighted blanket or cover (or almost anywhere.)

●       Promotes Peace Of Mind

Bad days can strike or happen when you least expect it. A common misconception about weighted blankets is that you need a diagnosed medical condition. The truth is that everyone has good sense neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. A weighted blanket can help those happy hormones come out.

Do You Need Deep Pressure Therapy?

Deep Pressure Therapy

Do you believe about how eight distinct sensory capabilities are needed to process data properly? If yes, then you can quickly see how even a small imbalance can create an enormous distinction. Deep stress stimulation treatment could operate for you.

Some scientists and others have discovered that strong, mild, and continuous stress on the body can calm, comfortable, and less worried individuals with autism and sensory impairment in learning.

In reality, without even knowing it, you might have encountered the advantages of a low-stress contact. Think about the last moment you nestled under a thick blanket. You might have profoundly relaxed or perhaps, even sleepy. Your eyelids get bulky, your heart rate slows, and your entire body is relaxing.

Deep pressure therapy is a profound stress stimulus at work. Numerous researches have demonstrated that it can positively influence the parasympathetic nervous system as well as the sympathetic nervous system. There’s nothing for you to lose; DTP only has the purpose of helping people in need.


Children and adults can benefit from profound contact stress treatment in varied medical circumstances and diagnoses. The growth of unique corrective products in the retail industry is now providing free alternatives for customers requiring powerful sensory instruments. Some people would like to see how this sensory information can be incorporated into their daily life. The physiological effects of mental and sensory regulation are also regularly noted.