Tips to Spot the Best Deck Builders in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

April 2nd, 2020 by

Tips to Spot the Best Deck Builders in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

Do you live in Franklin Lakes? If yes, then you’re among the few Americans who are lucky to be residents of one of the best places to live in New Jersey. Spread over ten miles of wooden hills, plush lowlands, and countless magnificent lakes, Franklin Lakes is a borough situated in Bergen County and has a population of 5,590 residents.

Life here is pretty laid back and affordable. But, how do you make your home in Franklin Lakes more comfortable? An excellent place to start would be to revamp your deck. That said, here’s how to find the best Deck Builders in Franklin Lakes NJ.

Consider Your Budget

Before you start looking for a deck builder, a wise move would be first to know your budget. Review the cost of deck-building in Franklin Lakes first to determine how much money you should set aside based on the idea you have in mind. Also, don’t be afraid to share your budget with the potential builder.

Note, deck contractors who offer incredibly low quotes could be cutting corners, and most likely, won’t meet your expectations. Contractors who provide high quotes, on the other hand, maybe overcharging you. Doing thorough research on the cost of deck building in Franklin Lakes will help you determine the average cost so you can stay away from the described types of contractors.

Ask for References

If you are confident that you have enough money to build or rebuild your deck in Franklin Lakes, then your next step should be to find a deck builder. With the plethora of contractors in Franklin Lakes, ask your friends and family for references to help search a tad easier. Ask for at least five references and then shortlist them based on the factors listed below.


After determining your budget and shortlisting the references, the next step in finding the best deck builders in Franklin Lakes, NJ, is to further your probing. This is especially essential because the contractor on your list might have done an excellent job for your friend or relative, but your needs might not be the same. What you have in mind is not the same as what they had built. Therefore, before you give the job to any of the references, do due diligence by checking their website first. See what previous clients have to say, and if the reviews look good, you should review their portfolio. If their work meets your standards, follow the next step.

License and Insurance

If the deck builder you’ve been reviewing so far checks all boxes above, then you’ll also want to ask for his/her license. The license is essential as it proves they have all the permits required for them to be in operation.

You’ll also want to ask for insurance. This is particularly crucial because, without coverage, you will be liable for any injuries or property damages that occur while the contractor is on your property. Furthermore, license and insurance will act as proof for the company’s legitimacy.

Client Referrals

The reviews and testimonials you read online can be faked in this era of technology. Therefore, make sure you also ask for previous client references from the deck builder. Any legitimate and confident service provider will readily connect you with previous clients. If the deck builder is hesitant about it, then run for the hills.

A deck is the easiest way to create a fun place for you and your loved ones to get together. It also raises your home’s value in Franklin Lakes significantly. That is why you should only hire deck builders in Franklin Lakes, NJ, with a proven track record and highly proficient staff.