7 Reasons Having Curly Hair Rocks

February 18th, 2020 by

7 Reasons Having Curly Hair Rocks

To the many curly-haired lads, it is your time to shine. Naturally, curly hair has been gaining a bigger audience in the fashion industry for a while now. Although straight hairstyles continue to rock and reign supreme, here are 7 reasons why having curly hair still rocks.

1.  Curly Hair is a Fancy Look

Curls can be a wonder to your social life as a result of the fancy look they give you. It is a common human trait to yearn for what we do not have. In this case, most people have straight hair and as a result, will always want to have curls. If you are the person in the room with cute curls, you will definitely be fancy. This will come with the satisfaction of having something that everyone admires.

My parting shot here is that curly hair gives you the freedom to have beautiful, fancy and unique hairstyles at all times. Curly hair is unpredictable and you will always have different curls on different days making your hair fancy and trendy.

2.  You will be able to Bond with Others with the curly hair

There is an advantage that comes with standing out in a crowd. You will easily spot other people who share your interests and as a result, easily bond with them. Imagine walking into a restaurant and noticing there is a person with curled hair just like you. Are you thinking what I am thinking? You will probably drop by and say hi to them, with an appreciation of how fancy and cute their hair looks will be your pick up line. Furthermore, your curls will always be admired by many; perhaps making some jealous.

3.  Curly Hair is Low Maintenance

Curly hair is known to dry best naturally without the need to use heat. Furthermore, you never have to worry about damaging your hair because you won’t be needing tons of hair beauty products such as chemicals and treatments. You will literally have a very low cost of maintaining your curly hair.

4.  Many Styles work with Curly Hair

When you think of curly hair, there are very many hairstyle options you have. Curly hair provides a lot of versatility to do Bantu knots, braids, waves, protective styles, go natural, and the long list of styles will go on. In order to rock with curly hair, you need to get the best hairdresser for curly hair for the best results. You don’t want to look homeless, do you?

5.  Weather is not a Problem

Imagine going out on a sunny day then from nowhere the heavens release cats and dogs. This is a familiar scene to many when rain has ruined their hair for the rest of the day just because they did not carry something to cover their head. However, it is not your fault; the weathermen forecasted a sunny day and the morning sun confirmed it. The only thing you forgot is to leave the house with curly hair. This is because curly does not have a big deal with changing weather. Whether it is snowing, windy, rainy or sunny your curly hair will always maintain the curls.

6.  Getting ready is Fast

When you need to leave your house for an urgent engagement, I bet curly hair is the easiest to prepare. First and foremost, you will not need any tools to prepare your hair. Just keep it clean and you are good to go. Your hands are the ideal tools that can be used to prepare your curly hair with just a slight touch of curl keeper.

Furthermore, curly hair is known to shrink leaving you with manageable hair that you don’t need a lot of hustle to get ready.

7.  Stand out in a Crowd

If you have curly hair, you will always be easy to spot in a crowd. Imagine you are lost in a big crowd and you want to spot the rest of your friends. Lucky for you, one of them has curly hair; you will be able to spot them easily. This means if you want to stand head and shoulder above the rest, then you need curly hair.


Straight hair will continue to dominate the hairstyles for a long period. However, curly hair will never get out of fashion. Many people will always continue to appreciate and admire the curls that they never get. Therefore, I believe at this point I have convinced you that you need curls based on the seven reasons I have given. If you are still in doubt just remember your hair in its natural state is curly. On one of the weekends just leave your hair without straightening and you will be dazzled at the curls you get once you look at the mirror.