Animal-Approved: A Conscious Guide to Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands  

October 17th, 2019 by

Animal-Approved: A Conscious Guide to Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands  

So you love makeup, but are the makeup brands you’re using cruelty free and vegan? Make a difference this year by switching to cruelty free makeup that won’t mess up your routine.

Feel great on the inside and out with these amazing, harm-free products!

Cruelty-Free Makeup We Love

Make the switch with us! Here’s a complete list of all the cruelty free makeup products we love, and that your skin will love too!

Not convinced? Head to this site where you can learn more about the importance of using cruelty free makeup.

Arrive: Base Makeup You Can Feel Good About

We’re loving this company, from their awesome branding to their cruelty free promises and awesome mission of self-acceptance. They make sure ingredients won’t cause reactions or breakouts, which is perfect for those of us with sensitive skin and allergies. Both affordable and easy to use, this uncomplicated brand has us swooning.

Unlike other brands, they specialize in a few, high-quality products. So forget scrolling through pages and options, Arrive makes it simple for you. All your makeup basics are right here, for your everyday glow.

They also have videos on each product page showing how to apply the makeup, while using models with various skin tones. This way, you can know not only how to apply the makeup, but which variant is best for your skin tone. Included in each product page are customer reviews, instructions, and a full list of ingredients, to make sure you can trust their products.

Their skin boost serum is one of our favorites. This awesome product is the perfect base for your daily makeup routine and is also ideal for the days you want an easy and everyday glow. With five different shades, you can be sure to find the perfect color for you.

Perfect for going over the skin boost base is this companies’ amazing bronzer which comes in two easy shades. This product is great for when you need a little color, as well as for contouring. This product is a must-have for a sun-kissed glow. It even includes light-reflecting particles for all-day dimensions.

They have a bronzer brush sold separately that is made specifically for their amazing bronzer. This brush includes synthetic and cruelty free bristles that are amazingly soft and perfect for a smooth look. It also comes with a reusable travel pouch to make sure you can keep it protected everywhere you go!

Shop Arrive for your everyday base and bronzer needs, and support this awesome cruelty-free makeup brand that strives to make a difference both for you and the environment! You can place online orders and have their products shipped directly to your door.

Axiology: Vegan Lip Love

If your lips are an essential part of your makeup routine, we have the perfect brand for you. We’re loving this lip focused makeup brand that is cruelty free, and has amazing products.

They have an entire page illustrating the importance of using 100% evil free products, as well as a page listing all their ingredients with illustrations. They also have a glossary, for ingredients or terms you may have never heard of.

They have an easy to use makeup retailer locator, so you can see where their products are near you, but also offer online orders and free U.S. shipping. Follow their awesome Instagram, where they repost customers using their products and you can shop the looks directly.

They have tons of lip product options from lipsticks to lip crayons. The difference here is lipsticks are your traditional, glossy lip product, and crayons have a matte finish.

There are tons of color options, from natural colors to fun colors like purples, pinks, and reds. With ingredients like coconut and avocado oil, you can’t go wrong with these amazing lip products.

Head to their site, and join their loyalty program to rack up credit with them!

Boissance: Best Organic Skincare

So you’ve got your makeup bases covered, but what about when you need to safely remove makeup?

Boissance is a cruelty free, organic and vegan cleanser brand we love. We love that on this site, you can shop makeup based on your skincare needs. They have a concern tab, where you can shop your skin issues, from dry skin, to oily or aging.

Under each concern, they list a few products that you can add to your skincare routine to support your skin. They include ingredients, instructions, and give helpful tips. You can even get the entire routine products as a bundle for less.

While it’s important to use cruelty free makeup to look your best, it’s also super important to make sure you are safely stripping your makeup and regenerating your skin regularly.

They offer travel sets so that you can make sure your skin is staying healthy on the go, especially after drying it out on a flight. Try one of their face masks or moisturizers today to treat yourself, and your skin!

Feel Better About Your Makeup Routine

Make your makeup routine something to be proud of by supporting a cruelty free makeup brand or two. Not only are these organic products much better for your skin, but they are also attributing to putting an end to animal cruelty.

Using natural makeup can save you from pesty break-outs, rashes, and more, all while helping our furry friends.

Shop these products today, and make them part of your daily makeup routine, and make the effort to transition all of your beauty products to cruelty free!