Weight Loss: A Modern Method to Deal with and Expel Cravings

November 19th, 2019 by

Weight Loss: A Modern Method to Deal with and Expel Cravings

One of the hardest parts of losing weight is cravings. It’s all well and good taking some of the less healthy foods or those high in carbohydrates straight out of your diet, but at some point, your body will crave these foods once again.

Some will suggest that you beat the cravings with an activity that will further help your weight loss efforts, such as by going on a run, but for the most part, this will only amplify such cravings. While exercise can distract you and physically remove you from the source of temptation in the cupboard, there’s a far more efficient and modern way to beat the cravings: gaming.

It has been proven in studies, as you’ll see below, that playing games can be used as a tool within a weight loss program. It seems almost foolish to think that such a sedentary activity could have a positive impact on someone trying to shed some pounds, but the way in which it quells the psychological influence of cravings cannot be disputed.

Minimizing cravings through redirecting your concentration

Playing games when cravings strike isn’t a mere exercise of filling time until a set meal comes along; it’s about changing what your brain is concentrating on, putting the focus on something other than a treat. As the brain controls everything that we do, knowing how we can alter its impact on our cravings can be a powerful tool. Gaming not only makes you concentrate on the task at hand, being required to use skill or to focus on the anticipation of what’s to come, but it also releases dopamine to create a positive association between ignoring cravings and gaming instead.

The Online Psychologist cites a study that found that playing video games, with Tetris being the title of choice, lessened the strength of cravings for food from 70 percent to 56 percent. Tetris is a very old game, but in its simplicity of design and demand for your full attention, it becomes a very fun way to fight cravings. On the portable Nintendo Switch Lite, Tetris can be played for free, but has been given an extra edge. Tetris 99 is the classic game of Tetris but invokes extra competition by giving it a “last player standing” mode.

As explained by Time Magazine, playing a game in short bursts that has distinct imagery battles the brain’s tendency to create images of food and treats. So, effectively, playing a simple game with simple images that have meaning and require some thought replaces the daydream’s imagery of avoided food with those icons. The method may also work with spins of Mega Moolah on online casinos such as the Mondial Casino platform, which has been reviewed on Bonus.ca, as the game features simple icons of a lion, elephant, zebra, buffalo, giraffe and gazelle which all yield different rewards and require combinations.

Automating healthier behaviors

Using game sessions in short bursts to alleviate cravings is a powerful tool in the battle for weight loss, but there is also the argument that you need to create healthy habits instead of trusting quick fixes. As relayed by Semantics Scholar, unhealthy behaviors are often automatic, but healthier behaviors can also be automated through practice. So, at first, it may be better to make gaming more habitual when cravings strike, which would likely be easier to achieve in a game that isn’t as stop-start as Tetris or Mega Moolah, with the mobile game of Minecraft being a great solution.

Minecraft is what you make of it: It’s a huge sandbox game where you find resources, build things, flee or battle monsters in dark places, and craft items to do more mining. There are survival elements involved as well, such as eating, but as there’s no real story or set of objectives; you just continue to do whatever you want, making it a potentially limitless game.

A game like Minecraft that can entice you for a longer period of time due to its lack of breaks or finishes may be the best way to start. Then, as you become better at handling your cravings, quick-play games will become enough to shrug off your unhealthy desires.