Couples Tattoo Ideas 

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Couples Tattoo Ideas 

A couple to which a romantic relationship is not just an empty sound but a period filled with vivid impressions and feelings pays a lot of attention to symbolism, attaching great importance to all signs and symbols. People acquire clothes of similar style and the same color range, get the rings of the same type, engage in a common sport, find common interests. 

Couples express their feelings for each other in all sorts of ways: devote poems to each other, care, give gifts, and as much attention as possible. It would seem that the most important proof of love is the decision to get married, but in the modern world, there are other criteria and values. 

One of the ways of proving each other’s feelings and committing to it is to have a tattoo. All sorts of ways of doing one. 

If necessary, a joint tattoo can be applied with an individual pattern, which guarantees the minimum chance of suddenly encountering another pair on the street with a similar pattern. After all, such a situation may itself darken the joy of owning a tattoo that turned out to be not unique. 

Joint tattoo for two: Symbolism for feelings 

Skin tattooing undoubtedly personifies the seriousness of young couple’s intentions and indicates a joint look at the successful development of further relations. Such a step shows a strong sense of commitment to each other. 

Of course, at the very beginning of the romantic period, people create confidence about the eternity of feelings. Therefore, many do pair tattoos for two lovers in the open areas of their skin, trying to thereby declare to everyone the seriousness of intentions and demonstrate that they love someone. 

The most common place for joint tattoos is arms and hands: 

  • The back or front part of the wrists is perfect for join tattoos. 
  • The palms will perfectly accommodate small tattoos, suitable for a guy and a girl or a wife with her husband. A striking example of a tattoo lettering can be “forever” and “together. 
  • Another good option for a joint tattoo is fingers. 

Particularly popular are the open parts of the forearm or neck and hands. Do not overlook the ankles and legs. From the point of view of symbolism, there is not much difference where to put joint tattoos, but if you want to hide them from others, you should think about some other closed parts of your body that are almost always under the clothing. 

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A conscious step 

Having made a decision about a joint trip to a tattoo salon, where they make joint tattoos, you need to know that tattooing is done with persistent pigment paints; it’s hard to get rid of it. And the process itself is quite painful, especially if tattoos are applied to the areas with delicate skin, for example, palms, fingers, neck. That is, it is better to make sure in advance of the strength of your feelings and ask yourself, is this your destiny? Well, if after all, you think that it is your destiny, then you should not postpone a trip to a tattooist who has a huge album of sketches and ideas, in which there are lots of joint tattoos. However, you should consider the following. 

Ideas for joint tattoos 

The ideas for joint tattoos almost always carry a hidden meaning for people who are familiar with the secrets of symbolism. The opportunities are truly limitless when it comes to joint tattoos; however, one thing remains universally true – do something that you both share passion for and not something that other people told you to do, not something you’ve found on the Internet. Be unique, be yourselves; other things are not that important. Thus, to go online and look at joint tattoo pictures is fundamentally the wrong move to do. No, think about it; don’t make it on a whim. You should spend a few days or even weeks thinking about it. Just as love and relationships in general, they require commitment. 

Now, it can be either symbolic sketches or just beautiful images made by the hand of a master at the request of the client. Before ever applying joint tattoos of inscriptions in a foreign language, you must first know what these words or symbols mean and don’t just do it through Google Translator. Ask someone competent in the field.

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