Know Everything About Cosmetic Collagen Induction

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Know Everything About Cosmetic Collagen Induction

Often people remember faces easily than names. A person’s face is their biggest identity which makes the first impression on just anyone they come across. But unfortunately, aging makes the most beautiful and gorgeous skin too to lose its charm. With age, the skin begins sagging, gets pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines and eventually makes one appear fatigued and dull. Prevent these aging signs from defining you, make the most of the non-surgical facelift technique or the collagen induction therapy to look your best.

Dermatologists use various names in describing this treatment such as skin needling, and percutaneous collagen induction. It is a rejuvenation treatment for the skin that is minimally invasive because the therapist uses needles for performing a controlled injury on the skin. Then the body produces new elastin and collagen to naturally heal the injury resulting from the process. Such cytokines will trigger the healing process by strengthening the skin structure that results in a brighter and softer.

Ideal for Every Skin Type

Anyone that desires to improve their skin’s elasticity and fight the aging signs can opt for cosmetic collagen induction no matter their skin type. It is incredibly useful to minimize pigmentation and scars.

The Process

The process starts with giving anesthesia to the patient followed by rolling a medical device on the skin for creating punctures. Depending on the skin’s specific needs, the needle length will vary. In case the needle requires penetrating deeper the length of the needle must be longer. Deeper penetration will offer better outcomes as it will augment the structure of the skin’s deeper layers.


Its duration rests on the amount of the damaged skin or the total area that requires to be treated. The treatment duration, therefore, can vary somewhere between 10 minutes-60 minutes for different patients. You will need a minimum of about 2 sessions to attain maximum outcomes; getting about 5 sessions can help. The complete result will be visible within 5-7 weeks post the treatment because the body will kick-start with the collagen production.


Owing to the bruises and injury resulting from micro-needling, the skin may appear pinkish right away. Patients in some sporadic cases may have minor bleeding. The downtime here, however, is prompt, and within 1-3 days the skin will start recovering from such bruises and begin to appear normal.


This facelift treatment is non-surgical. Therapists use it to stimulate the production of collagen and elastic fibers in the body. Here the benefits comprise of amputation of scars, wrinkles and fine lines resulting in skin pigmentation.

Complications and Risks

In the case of collagen induction therapy, there is no such serious complications or risks. There may be minor bruises and bleeding because of needling that will subside easily within a few days.

Though micro needling does not include any risks, yet for ultimate outcomes, it is vital on your part to consult an expert dermatologist. You must get this treatment through a dermatologist or therapist who has experience, has a license and is highly trained for the task.

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