Composing Eye-Catching Fashion Photos

May 4th, 2019 by

Composing Eye-Catching Fashion Photos

Whether you dream of having a challenging but glamorous career as a fashion photographer, or you simply want more likes on your Instagram pictures, taking photos of fashion is a fun and creative way to share the latest looks that inspire you. To make sure you take amazing shots for your portfolio, or the best pics of your friends dressed up for a girls’ night out, experimenting with a few simple tips can improve the quality of your photos and ensure they attract plenty of attention.

Picture Perfect

No matter how well you compose your fashion photos, without making the best of your camera’s settings, then your pictures could still end up blurry or badly lit. Adjusting the exposure can create dramatic shadows for a moody portrait, but on a night out, brightening the scene will make sure everyone’s outfit is noticeable. explains that quality pictures will still look good when enlarged for printing by sharpening the focus and adjusting color and contrast.

The Ideal Backdrop

When you are taking a fashion photo, it’s easy to focus on the main subject and not notice what is going on around them. However, the background can play an important part in the photo’s composition. Before you take any picture, make sure there are no unwanted or unsightly objects in the frame. Pick a location that suits the style, so a sunny park to complement a fresh romantic style, a glamorous boudoir for a more sensual effect, or a disused warehouse for an edgier look. In contrast, to make a really special or unusual outfit stand out, a simple neutral background will be best.

Strike a Pose

When you’re directing a photo shoot or just trying to pose naturally for a selfie, try looking at photos of your favorite models or celebrities for inspiration. Copy poses that you like and think are flattering. Sometimes the best look happens by accident, and with burst mode on a phone, you can just keep taking photos knowing that you’ll have plenty of different shots to choose from once you’re finished.

Taking the time to compose your photos, choose an appropriate backdrop and practice your posing will all help you create attention-grabbing fashion photos. With a few simple adjustments, your pictures will look fabulous whether they are on the wall, in your portfolio or on your Instagram account.

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