Common Jewelry Repairs

Jewelry is often more than just a pretty accessory. Jewelry is often passed down through families and can serve as a memento of your closest relatives and a valued heirloom that brings forth many emotions. As something very important, you want to take care of your jewelry. There are several common repairs jewelers see and several ways they can help you ensure your jewelry looks beautiful and lasts for many decades to come.

Common Jewelry Repairs

  • Resizing a Ring: over time a ring can become too tight or too loose for an assortment of reasons. A professional can resize a ring by removing part of the band and soldering it to make it smaller or enlarge it by adding in an extra piece to the existing band or stretching the existing ring by using a precise stretching method.
  • Cleaning and Polish: one of the most common types of repairs jewelry professionals see is common cleaning a polishing. Over time, gold and silver jewelry can dull, requiring specialized cleaning. Depending on the purity leveland any other types of metals mixed in how often jewelry needs to be cleaned can vary. A professional cleaning can restore your jewelry to a like-new shine. Also, by trusting a professional you ensure your jewelry is in expert hands and the chemicals used in the cleaning process are safe for the materials your jewelry is made out of.
  • Chain and Clasp Repairs: necklaces and bracelets are very pleasing to look at and wear, but they are often delicate. Chains can break due to daily wear or common accidents. When repairing a chain, you can often have it soldered after removing damaged links. Clasps are often hard to repair and most of the time the solution is to have the old clasp removed and a new one put in its place. When getting necklaces and bracelets repaired, asking for a different type of clasp can be a good idea if you had any problems with the old one.
  • Replacing a Gemstone: while gemstones are often quite long-lasting over time, some can become damaged, chipped, or simply dull due to the passage of time. Replacing a damaged gemstone is quite simple. By taking it to a professional, you can have the old stone safely removed and replaced. Another reason you may want to replace a gemstone is you want a different type of stone or a different color stone. Replacing a gemstone simply for aesthetic reasonsis a common type of jewelry repair.
  • Resetting a Stone: sometimes a stone can fall out of your jewelry’s setting. This can be due to the setting breaking, wearing out due to the passage of time, or an accident causing the stone to fall out. When asking what can you do when a stone falls out of its settingluckily a solution is available. If you are lucky enough to still have the stone a jeweler can reset it and make any needed repairs to your jewelry’s setting. However, when stones fall out due to their small size they are often lost, but for a fee, a jeweler can set a new stone in its place.

Final Thoughts

When your jewelry needs repairs, be it cleaning or replacing a stone, you should always trust a professional. As something valuable to you, you want to be certain that any work done to your jewelry meets the highest professional standards. Also, if your jewelry’s been damaged, that doesn’t mean it needs replacing or is forever unwearable, often by taking it to a skilled jeweler you can have the proper work done to restore it and fix any issue.

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