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The Certified Information System Security Professional or CISSP course is a certification that is recognized by places all across the world. This certificate is offered by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium or the ISC2. A job as a certified information systems security professional has been one of the top career options for several professionals today because of the range of opportunities and fields in which they are required. These professionals are responsible to take a look at the architecture, design, management and efficient control of business environments that are safe. 

What is the job profile of a CISSP?

As an individual with a certification of CISSP, he or she will be able to get their hands on a wide range of job opportunities. This field is very diverse in nature and will, therefore, provide you with a pool of options to choose from. These options include- Security consultant, IT manager/Director, Security analyst, Chief information security manager, Security manager, Security systems engineer, Security auditor, Director of security, Network Architect and Security Architect. The CISSP is a renowned career option and whoever chooses to study and work in this field will definitely have a bright future ahead. It is guaranteed that you will gain ultimate satisfaction if you get to work with the type of job profile you want with a pay package that is equally attractive. 

Advantages of CISSP 

Every business in the world today is prone to security threats and thus, makes sure to take appropriate precautions to protect it. From the defense systems of nations to even the local online shopping websites, security threats means loss of personal and private data that not only belong to the company but also to the common people connected to it. 

A certificate from CISSP shows that the individual has the proper knowledge of networking and available systems of the organization to fight all kinds of dangers and threats to the security of the companies. With such an important job in view that has a significant effect even on the high-class companies; the employers are always wanting to pay a high salary to a suitable candidate for CISSP jobs. Let us take a look at some of the advantages of a CISSP course- 

  1. Improved Risk Management- These professionals always stay updated with all the current and running international standards and regulations like the HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, SOX, DoD Directive of a specific version and FERPA. Individuals who have a CISSP certification are known to possess knowledge in all the different fields of information security along with the necessary controls to reach those needs respectively. With all the emerging security threats lurking around businesses, there is an increased need for experts who are capable of dealing with them and a CISSP certificate will help you in doing so.


  1. Quality employees- Professionals with a CISSP certificate have a high amount of knowledge. These groups of experts have specialty fields that are different domains of IT security. They are considered to be one of the most valued employees of the company that hires them because they are responsible for keeping the business environment safe and secure. 


  1. Privacy and Confidentiality- Whenever a company interacts with its clients and customers, they want to know whether the communication created with them for interaction and all other information is safe or not. The information that is shared between the two parties are equally important and thus need to be protected and kept private. A CISSP professional helps in keeping this protection intact and meets the company’s security standards and the ISO standards at a constant high.  

Qualifications required to become a CISSP professional

Candidates who are looking forward to becoming a CISSP Professional needs to take the CISSP exam. In order to take the test, the candidate must have five years of cumulative experience in full-time work in two or more domains that are required under the ISC2 CISSP CBK, which are listed as follows- 

  • Access controls system and methods
  • Cryptography
  • Investigation laws and ethics
  • Telecommunications security
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • Systems and application security development
  • Security models and architectures
  • Best management practices
  • Networking security
  • Operations security
  • Physical security

If the individual already has a graduation certificate of 4 years in this field or in an equivalent field or even the same educational background as recognized by ISC2, then the ISC2 also provides a professional experience with wages.  If a candidate does not have this work experience, in any case, he or she may also sit for the exam but they will not be given the ‘CISSP’ as soon as they pass the examination. These candidates will be rewarded with a certificate of Associate of ISC2. They will get a CISSP certificate once they complete the required quota of work experience in the years that follow and then start their professional work as a CISSP professional. 

Is CISSP a good career option?

If you are looking for a career that has a highly attractive job profile and also has a pay package, then the CISSP course must be in your list of options. If you have a good knack for information security systems, then there is a high possibility of success in the field of CISSP. Market studies have shown that CISSP employees are one of the most paid in the IT industry. The job of a CISSP professional is quite crucial to the entire company and even to each part belonging to the company. CISSP as a career is very bright and has a heavy weight to it and so come and have a great time not only studying this course at coaching nearest to you but make use of this certificate and get a great job.