Choosing the Right Gas Grill at the Right Price 

October 17th, 2019 by

Choosing the Right Gas Grill at the Right Price 

The biggest challenge in making any kind of major purchase is in finding a way to balance the price with the value. You can see a benefit to additional cost up to a point, but eventually, you’ll decide that the price has gone too far.

Gas grills are no exception to that. You can choose many different features that will quickly run your price into the stratosphere. Maintaining control of your budget can become impossible if you haven’t educated yourself about which features are really worth the money.

For that reason, the first thing you need to do as you begin shopping for a new gas grill is to find a reliable source for unbiased reviews. Once you’ve done that, the process of finding an affordable grill is much easier. Keep these four features in mind as you check through the reviews.

Grilling Space
One major factor most people look at is the size of the grilling area. We usually know the amount of food we’ll be preparing, so you absolutely must buy a grill that has enough room to get everything on the grill at once.

Of course, size is also one of the biggest sources of extra cost, so choosing among the
best gas grills under 300$ that you can find is largely a matter of, well, large-ness. Buy one that’s big enough to do the job, but not so big that it reduces your budget for other good features.

Number of Burners
This is one of those features. Probably the biggest complaint most people have about their grills is uneven temperature. They hate having hot spots and cold areas because it makes it almost impossible to get everything cooked evenly or to have it ready at the same time.

More burners make more evenness. The closer spacing helps each burner even out the temperature in the gap before the next burner, giving you a uniform temperature across the entire grilling surface.

Most of the time we think of gas grills as a prominent feature on the deck or patio, but many people like to take them on the go as well. It could be as simple as rolling the grill into the shade on an extra-hot Independence Day, but it could also be packing the grill into the SUV and tailgating with the alumni at a Saturday football game.

Know your needs. If your desire is to have a permanent grilling space at home, there’s no need to invest in a grill that is easy to fold up and transport. By the same token, if you want to grill out at a campsite or family reunion, you should think about how easy your chosen model can be hauled.

Convenience Features
Some grillers are minimalists. They just want a good grilling surface at the right temperature, and everything else is up to them. Others love gadgets, utilizing grilling baskets, specialized utensils, and meat thermometers to support their cooking skills.

As you shop for a grill, you need to know where you fall on this spectrum. The more features you add in one area, the fewer features you get in another area. Setting the priorities for your particular grilling needs is important as you start into the process of shopping for an affordable grill.

Brand Familiarity
A gas grill is a long-term purchase, one that you hope to use for many years. As such, quality matters, and quality is often linked directly to brands. There are plenty of long-standing brands in the gas grill business, and many of them have earned a good reputation.

That’s not to say a new upstart can’t make a great grill. You may be among the first to purchase a fantastic new product. You should think about your own experience with a brand. If you’re coming off a 10-year run with a terrific grill, you may want to go the same route again. If you’re replacing a dud, that’s important to remember too.

For more input, we’re back to reading reviews. Experts who know what matters beyond the nameplate will always provide reliable feedback, making it easy for you to clear aside the confusion and identify which grill will perform the best for you.

So those are the high points, or maybe the hot spots, of shopping for an affordable gas grill. Just like a TV or even a car, a gas grill provides lots of choices for customization. Each one contributes to the price, so you need to know what is really important for you and not just what sounds like fun. It’s all about trade-offs.

Once you’ve prioritized the dimensions and features that make the biggest impact on your grilling experience, you’ll be ready to browse a buyer’s guide and figure out just which model is the right one for you.