How to Use CBD Safely for Dealing with Cats’ Anxiety?    

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How to Use CBD Safely for Dealing with Cats’ Anxiety?    

As per leading animal research, 24% of the cat suffers from anxiety. A cat can suffer from anxiety for various reasons, like shifting to a new home, a disease, or separation from its owner. Whatever the reason, you need to treat your cat’s anxiety as soon as possible.

Many veterinarians recommend CBD for cats anxiety issues. Here are some instructions to use it safely.

Buy High-quality CBD Products

Not all CBD products in the markets are high quality. Since they are not FDA regulated, it isn’t easy to ascertain their quality and authenticity. Hence, it will help if you stick to a popular brand that offers high-quality products.

You can buy full-spectrum CBD oil or CBD products with hemp seed oil. The oil is derived from leaves, stalk, and hemp flowers, while hemp seed oil is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant seeds. Both products can be used to treat a cat’s anxiety.

CBD Coconut Oil

Many manufacturers mix CBD oil with coconut oil. There are several reasons behind using coconut oil in such products. Coconut oil is usually solid at normal room temperature but turns into liquid form with touch. It provides convenience without affecting the quality of the product.

Certificate of Analysis

Since the FDA does not regulate CBD products, you need some other way to determine their quality. Reputed manufacturers get their products tested from third-party labs. These labs perform unbiased tests and publish results that are generally mentioned on the product label.

If your cat has anxiety, you need to buy CBD oil that comes with a certificate of analysis. It will ensure your pet does not suffer due to low-quality products.

Follow Right Dosage

A cat may suffer from separation anxiety, noise anxiety, thunder anxiety, or general anxiety. The dosage of CBD for cats with anxiety issues might differ with types of anxiety. For example, for separation anxiety, you need to administer a 9-mg dose to the cat before the event. You need to observe the cat for 10–15 minutes after administering the dose. If you find the cat is still anxious, you can give another 9 mg.

Before administering CBD to treat anxiety, consult your veterinary doctor and follow their advice.

Follow the Right Way to Administer CBD Oil Dosage

Cannabidiol oil can be administered in a lot of ways. You need to select a method that is convenient and effective. You can administer it directly on the gums. In this method, the cannabidiol is absorbed in the cat’s body through the mucous membrane in the mouth.

You can also mix the recommended dose in the cat’s food. In this dosage method, you may have to wait for a while to see the CBD effect as it is absorbed in the cat’s body through the digestive tract.

Another convenient way to administer the dosage is to rub the oil into your cat’s ear. You can rub the CBD oil on the inner flap of the cat’s ear where there is little or no fur.

These are some things you need to focus on while giving CBD to treat a cat’s anxiety.

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