Read This Brilliant Earth Review before Buying Diamonds

March 11th, 2020 by

Read This Brilliant Earth Review before Buying Diamonds

The movie “Blood Diamonds,” based on the story of a diamond found in Sierra Leon, brought international attention to how diamond mining in Africa is driving conflict and human rights abuses. Buying diamonds from vendors that source diamonds from Africa can mean that consumers are playing an inadvertent role in the continuing conflicts that plague many African countries.

Responsible consumerism means recognizing the power of purchasing from ethical sources to help promote ethical practices. Brilliant Earth sells fine jewelry that is ethically sourced, recycled, or lab-created. Brilliant Earth, with the help of blockchain technology, can trace the source of each diamond, and every time the diamond has changed hands.

What People Are Saying About Brilliant Earth

There is little doubt that Brilliant Earth tapped into the desire of consumers to avoid purchasing jewelry that contributed to conflicts in Africa and other regions. The marketing concept plays heavily on our sense of global responsibility.

Brilliant Earth reviews broadly fall into four main categories:

  1. Those who are deeply satisfied with the quality of their purchase while taking pleasure in buying jewelry that supports ethical practices that protect both humans and the planet.
  2. People who want to buy from a place like Brilliant Earth, and appreciate the core mission of the company, but cannot afford the premium price.
  3. People who are satisfied with the product and the price but see the mission of Brilliant Earth as inconsequential or just a nice perk.
  4. The remaining category is a jumble of those who are unsatisfied with the quality or customer service provided by the company. The prevailing sentiment seems to be that if they are paying a premium, then they expect flawless products and exceptional customer service. This category of people is dissatisfied with one or more aspects of Brilliant Earth.
  5. One thing that stands out when reading Brilliant Earth reviews is that there are few reviews that mediocre. There is little middle ground. People either give glowing praise to the product and the company, or they are deeply dissatisfied with the product or the company.

Why is Ethical Buying Important

When we speak with our money, our voices have the power to enact genuine change. Brilliant Earth saw the potential to reach a market of fine jewelry consumers who wanted a source of ethical precious and semi-precious stones.

Diamonds, gold, silver, and platinum mining have a history of abuse and danger to those who mine these metals and stones from the ground. These materials, because of their value, lead to serious human rights abuses in various regions of the world.

Environmental concerns over mining both precious metals and stones and have buyers looking for eco-friendly options in jewelry purchases. Mining for gold, silver, gemstones, and diamonds results in soil erosion and water pollution. Greenhouse gas emissions contribute to the environmental impact during the mining, refining and shipping process.

Toxic chemicals are used in various forms of mining. For example, cyanide is used to separate gold from ore. Arsenic is another dangerous chemical used in mining, and these chemicals leach into the soil and water around the mine.

Does Brilliant Earth Live up to its Promises?

Brilliant Earth was one of the first large retailers in fine jewelry to focus on ethical sourcing. The company has played a significant role in creating a market for eco-friendly, ethically sourced fine jewelry.

In the past year, Brilliant Earth started using blockchain technology to track the source of each diamond they sell. Consumers can now see where each diamond originated as well as how many times it changed hands before being sold by Brilliant Earth. It is unclear at this time if blockchain will eventually track other precious stones sold by the company.

Brilliant Earth stands behind its products by offering a free lifetime manufacturing warranty on each purchase guaranteeing the quality of their products. The Lifetime Diamond Upgrade is a unique guarantee that provides an upgraded diamond for any loose diamond purchased.  The manufacturing warranty, although not unusual in the jewelry industry, does leave the company only responsible for problems they deem manufacturing defects.