Why are blue screen glasses a necessity among the younger generation?

January 23rd, 2020 by

Why are blue screen glasses a necessity among the younger generation?

Young age is very fragile, and they need proper guidance and protection especially towards good eye health. There are so many things you want to suggest to correct their lifestyles that may bring great changes in their lives. Almost 95% of teenagers have access to smartphones, computers and other digital devices that they spend most of their daily time on. They spend the maximum duration of their active lifestyle staring at computer screens for 6 to 7 hours on a normal day. There is nothing that feels wrong about spending your time on these digital devices for entertainment. Youngsters enjoy playing video games or binge-watch a Netflix series and have a great time but using these digital devices has led to several hard-hitting side effects. It has caused an impact on their eyes and led to vision discomfort. What are these side effects? What causes these negative impacts and how to overcome such a condition? Learn more about these essential steps that you can use to strengthen your lifestyle. 

What are the side effects of continuous computer use?

There are various health issues associated with prolonged hours of computer or any other digital device consumption. A lot of the negative impact is having to do with your eyes. Computer screen emits harmful blue light which penetrates the retina of our eyes and causes potential eye diseases. When you sit in front of a computer screen or a smartphone, you start to get constant eye strain, blurred or strained vision, headaches and uneven sleeping patterns. The leading cause of these are blue light rays that are emitted for your digital devices screens, you can’t escape them when you are using your smartphones as they get absorbed easily. Since young people are the ones that fill the survey of a high number of time spent on digital devices, it has become important to use protection against blue light rays. 

Blue screen glasses – Ultimate Solution

Now that you are aware about the harm of using computers and smartphones for hours and its negative impacts on your eyes. The effective solution is wearing blue screen glasses. Blue screen glasses are an on-trend piece of accessory that helps to block out these harmful Blue light rays and gives you complete protection. Blue screen glasses lens is coated with anti-reflective properties that reflect the blue light when it hits your eyes. A must piece of protective eyewear that reduces the negative impacts of prolonged computer or smartphone use. Screen protection glasses  can be used while playing video games, or watching YouTube, during Netflix binge-watch or simply when you are performing any task on the computer. 

The benefit of using Blue Screen Glasses:

There is a remarkable difference shown in your eyes and body when you start wearing blue screen glasses. Blue light rays suppress sleep inducing hormone called melatonin production hence we stay awake causing an imbalance in our sleeping hours. With blue screen glasses, you can sleep better and get healthy hours of sleep time keeping you active. They also let you focus correctly on the screen cause without glasses the emission of ray is so intense that we have to squint our eyes to see clearly. Blue screen glasses reflect the rays and let you view images from a good distance without squinting. It eliminates eye fatigue and headache letting you continue doing your activities with fun and comfort. 

A Fashionable Alternative

Blue screen glasses are important for your eyes protection but also for looking fashionable and attractive. Specscart gives you exotic and diverse pair of frames made with metal, wood and acetate into different carved shapes such as classic aviators, club master, cat eye, round, square and rectangle. The unique colour contrast makes it the talk of the town. You are in for a delightful surprise with the wide option of stylish glasses which you wear to college or match with a casual everyday wardrobe. You can get these fashionable frames of blue screen protection on your prescription and non-prescription glasses as well. Go ahead and get your eyes protected with the exquisite style of frames and colours.