10 Best Skin Care Routine for Busy Moms!

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10 Best Skin Care Routine for Busy Moms!

Best Korean SkinCare: The last thing most moms are thinking about is taking care of their skin, but they really should. After all, you only have the skin you’re born with, and it’s got to last you your whole life. Moms should consider taking care of their skin as an essential part of their self-care routine. Remember, you have to take good care of yourself if you want to be able to care for others, right?

So, what is the best skin care routine for busy moms? First, it should be customizable, so you can scale it up or down depending on how much time you have available. Second, it should be highly effective so that you get the best results with the least amount of time invested. And third, it should be enjoyable, so that you look forward to doing it and don’t think of it as just another chore.

A Korean skincare routine can meet all these criteria, and more! You’ve probably heard of the 10-step Korean skincare regimen, but did you know that it can be scaled up or down very quickly based on the amount of time you have available and the needs of your skin that day? Not, only that, Korean skin care products are great multi-taskers, so you can get away with doing just a few necessary steps every day and still get amazing results. Save all the extra bells and whistles for days when you have more time or even just for special occasions.

Korean women are known for their smooth skin that seems to glow from within. Their secret? A consistent skin care routine that utilizes products that contain proven active ingredients along with the most recent technologies. Here are the ten steps explained and some tips to help you decide how to customize the routine to suit your needs.

The 10 Steps, Explained

The Cleansers

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A typical Korean routine usually incorporates two different cleansers. An oil-based cleanser is used first to break down makeup, sunscreen, and oil on the skin’s surface. A water-based cleaner is used next to remove any remaining residue without stripping your skin gently. If you want to save time on this step, you can skip the oil cleanser in the morning, since you won’t have any makeup or sunscreen to remove.


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Korean beauty brands focus on creating toners with natural ingredients that add moisture back into the skin while balancing the pH and preparing it for the active ingredients to follow. Some formulations can be very good for any skin type. Toners can be applied either with a cotton pad or the pads of your fingers. Using a toner only takes a moment, and since it’s so beneficial to the skin, it should remain part of your routine even if time is short.


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Using an essence can be a luxurious experience, and it’s totally unique to Korean skincare. Essences are made to plump up the skin and add hydration. Although using an essence feels wonderful, this step could probably be saved for when you have extra time, or for those times when you want your skin to look extra fabulous.


In Korean culture, the treatments are usually called serums or ampoules. These products are formulated with highly concentrated, active ingredients to target specific needs. Although many Korean routines incorporate more than one treatment, you can save time by choosing a formulation that targets most of your concerns with one product. If time is really short, you could use your treatment at night only, but don’t skip it entirely because this is the step that’s really going to make a dramatic difference in your skin.

The Moisturizers

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Moisturizers are essential for all skin types. They prevent the active ingredients you applied in the previous step from evaporating away, and they protect the skin from environmental stressors. Generally, a separate, more targeted eye cream is used for the eye area, and an all-over moisturizer is applied on the rest of the face. This step should be used by everyone both morning and night, even in the shortest skincare routine, although you could probably get away with skipping the eye cream in the morning if your skin isn’t super dry and time is really short.


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Sunscreen is absolutely essential for everyone, every single day. To streamline your routine, you can find a moisturizer, foundation, or a BB or CC cream that has sunscreen built in, so you don’t have to do that extra step every morning.


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Korean beauty routines usually incorporate gently exfoliators that are made from botanical extracts rather than harsh physical exfoliants. Exfoliating will get rid of dead skin cells, unclog your pores, and allow your other products to sink in more easily. You should only exfoliate your skin two or three times a week so don’t worry about finding time to do this step every day.

Sheet and Sleep Masks

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Sheet masks and sleep masks certainly don’t have to be used every day. Sheet masks can just be used when you feel like your skin needs a little extra pampering. You should keep a few different ones on hand to use whenever you have a few spare moments. And, the great thing about sleep masks is that don’t really need to be an extra step. You can just use one a few times a week in place of your moisturizer at night. Sleep masks are full of active ingredients that work to regenerate your skin while you sleep.

In Conclusion

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Of course, you’re going to get the most dramatic results if you follow the entire regimen. But, this routine can easily be adjusted to suit your schedule and needs. For example, a quick morning routine would include water-based cleanser, toner, serum, and a moisturizer with built-in SPF. At night, you can incorporate the other steps as you have the extra time. Remember, consistency is the key if you want to see results and keep the signs of aging at bay!

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