How To Choose An Essential Oil Brand?

October 22nd, 2019 by

How To Choose An Essential Oil Brand?

It is natural for a first timer not to know the ways in which they can choose the right kind of essential oil as well as a reliable and reputable brand. There is nothing to fret if you too do not know How to choose an essential oil brand. This article will help you to do so.

Research well about the brands first

In the very beginning you should know the types of essential oils available on the market. All manufacturing brands may not sell all these essential oils which is why you must research well about the brands first. There are great companies like that make this easy with a wide variety of the highest quality essential oils. This will ensure that you get the right product from the right manufacturer.

Focus on specific aspects

When you research for a brand make sure that you focus on specific aspects such as the number of years in business. Whether you choose an online store or a physical one in your locality, this is an important factor to look more. Ideally, more the number of years, higher is the reliability quotient. 

Know more about their quality of service

Next, you must look at the customer support and service that they provide. For this you should check their accessibility contacting them over the phone. You may also check out the testimonials of a few pf the previous or existing customers. There is in fact no better way to know about their quality of service other than the customers themselves.

Check price, return, refund etc. policy

Also check their pricing, return, refund and privacy policy to ensure that they are really reliable. Read the fine print, as well as between the lines. It should be very clear with no confusing terms and clauses. This will ensure their transparency and high quality of service including delivery of product on time and in good conditions and replacement or refund, if necessary, with no questions asked.

Know how to choose an essential oil brand

There are different types of essential oils available. You must know this first to select the right brand according to your need. There is lavender oil which is one of the most popular oils that provide a host of benefits. 

The floral scent will help you to relax and sleep. Breathing it in can alleviate headaches and topical use of it reduces itching and swelling due to bug bites. Roman chamomile is another oil that will relax your mind when you inhale it through steam. It is also very helpful on your skin as it is found to treat skin conditions like eczema and inflammation. 

Rose oil is another one you should stock as it can reduce anxiety when inhaled. The antioxidant properties of this sweet and aromatic oil can also treat acne apart from providing you with a younger look overall by improving your complexion.

Hyssop oil is an earthy and herbal essential oil that you can use on your skin. It will reduce scarring, decrease inflammation, as well as act as a healing agent. You may also stock grapefruit oil and use it in a diffuser. The antifungal property of it will reduce harmful bacteria. 

Cedarwood oil is also earthy and have a natural woody smell. It is used for topical beauty treatments that help in reducing acne, eczema, and dandruff apart from coughing and symptoms of arthritis.

Peppermint oil will help you in relieving IBS symptoms. It is also capable to reduce headaches and help in indigestion. You will love the cooling effect of it when you apply it topically. In addition to that, peppermint oil can help reducing muscle pain as well as provide relief to sunburnt and itchy skin. Spearmint oil is much similar to peppermint oil in terms of aroma and benefits. It has antifungal properties that helps in warding off insects and provide relief from bug bites.

Lastly, basil oil will also provide you with a lot of internal benefits when applied topically. It has both anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties that will do wonders in cold and flu. It can also work as a muscle relaxer, treat acne, and reduce stress. You can use it for hair treatment as well to ensure enhanced shine and get rid of buildup.

Factors that determine how to choose an essential oil brand

The first thing that you should look for is the chances of any contamination. Ideally, adulterated oils will contain contaminants and harmful fillers. Check for any pesticide residue in it even if it is advertised as 100% organic. 

Organic does not mean it is manufactured as per the USDA guidelines or local. It can be imported and if it is the safety regulations may vary and may be compromised as well. It must also be free from any chemical or spray free of any non-organic sources. 

The manufacturing brand must also be sustainable and not follow the over-harvesting practices like the mega-million-dollar conventional producers. The brand must follow the FDA definition of ‘organic’ which states that it should preserve the environment, not contain synthetic materials or fillers in it. 

Testing your essential oil is an important step that will help you to determine whether the brand you have chosen is authentic or not. Proper testing must include identifying the scientific or botanical name of the plant as well as the chemotype. This will help you to know whether the chemical profile of the oil is in accordance to the area where the plant is grown, the extraction process followed as well as the expiration date of the product.

Terminology, clinical and therapeutic grade of the essential oil will also determine the authenticity of the brand and the manufacturer. The terms should be standard ones and not otherwise to prove superiority over other suppliers or to mislead the customers. 

Lastly, check out for other important information such as test results or MSDS sheets and whether the manufacturer is ready to answer any question related to the product. The best way to ensure that you buy essential oils from a reputed brand is to choose a brand that is a member of NAHA or the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. It will ensure that they abide by the ethics standards listed in the NAHA website.