Four Best Brunch Places in Singapore That You Must Never Give A Miss

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Four Best Brunch Places in Singapore That You Must Never Give A Miss

Considering that Singapore is a business hotspot and a major hub for commerce and trade that bridges Asia with America, Europe and Australia it is natural that the country has an interesting mix of cultures. The cuisines that you find across the city bear testimony to the heterogenous culture and the concept of brunch is also quite diverse.

Brunches are a favorite activity in Singapore over the weekends when people leave their beds quite late and then take time to head out to a beautiful café or restaurant for a sumptuous meal.  It is one of its kinds of experience to indulge in brunches in Singapore, and this brief guide should make it easy for you to know your options. You can also look up at the – best brunch in Singapore for more information.

Toby’s Estate

The place is most liked by people who have a soft spot for delicate and delicious coffee to make their weekends most memorable as they enjoy wholesome breakfast or exquisite lunches with a variety of salads.  The café has been operational since 2011 and is the brainchild of a passionate Australian coffee roaster Toby Smith. The spot is a favorite joint for the population that wants to have the most from their weekend food experience.


Serving Organic food is the philosophy of the café that enjoys heavy footfall on weekends as it plays host to the population searching for some special place to have brunches. In keeping with their philosophy, the café serves hormone-free chicken and grass-fed beef besides coffee beans cultivated organically. The options for brunch are just terrific as the menu will tantalize your taste buds. Home-made iced tea that comes in various flavors is a special attraction. The place is fairly crowded, but those looking for a place to relax over breakfast and coffee would find it much to their liking.


An ideal place to spend time with friends and family, Bochinche is an Argentinian restaurant where you would find all options to enjoy the food in the way you should have it ideally. To get a taste of Argentinian cuisine and venture into the new kind of brunches together with some of the brunch classics that would simply delight you, make it a point to try out the servings that could make you come back again.


A modern bistro situated in the northern end of the city, Rokeby is a delight for gourmet lovers as it is ready to serve delectable Australian cuisine to whet your appetite for brunches. The bistro believes in sharing what they love and is ready to provide the best experience of having an outing to flatter your taste buds with choices. The bright and simple décor of the place has a touch of modernity and elegance that could make you feel very much at home while you enjoy a laid-back late morning brunch of Australian delicacies. You can choose a classic breakfast menu and have the beverages of your choice ranging from coffee to Australian beer and wines.

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